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All Sin, Some Celebrate Sin

April 25th, 2016 by G.

The serious sin is not so much in doing otherwise than the ideal, but in assuming or arguing otherwise, or saying that sex and sexuality ‘don’t matter’; in making laws and regulations on that basis, or in failing to repent (i.e. acknowledge the sub-optimality of) other behaviours.

-thus Bruce Charlton

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April 25th, 2016 09:52:38

Finding Yourself

February 21st, 2016 by G.

A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself

-Proverbs 18:2

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February 21st, 2016 08:55:58

Not Being Embarrassed About Doing Wrong

June 22nd, 2015 by G.

The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not.

Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

-Isaiah 3:9.  Somehow I never noticed before that at least in this one scriptural passage, the cult of authenticity was the sin of Sodom.


Here’s Bruce Charlton:


there are lots of bad things in life which will only be done (by most people) if and when people [can] talk about them afterwards.

Most people are not content to sin in secret.

How many people would go bungee jumping if it was secret, and they could not tell anybody about it afterwards ever, nor show pictures and movies? How many people would get drunk? How many would have sexual affairs if they could not brag or weep about them with their pals?

A lot fewer than actually do these things now.


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June 22nd, 2015 07:00:05

Perfect Justice, Infinite Mercy

June 16th, 2015 by G.

Image result for justice

Elder Christofferson once preached that the aim of the gospel is to draw down “perfect justice and infinite mercy” from heaven. The phrase stuck with me. Perfect justice and infinite mercy.  Infinite mercy, sure.  But who among us struts so cockily that he wants perfect justice?  Who among the wise can know that he is more sinned against than sinning?  None.

But the truly wise know that justice is joyful.


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June 16th, 2015 11:09:52

Sin is Excommunion

June 04th, 2015 by G.



No vice is ever truly private, but some vices are more private than others. For some vices, the privacy of the vice is a choice. (more…)

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June 04th, 2015 11:21:22

“Sympathy with the devil”

December 16th, 2014 by Vader

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December 16th, 2014 12:23:07

The War in Heaven and the Nameless Virtue

November 21st, 2014 by G.

corporate devil

You have a new boss (not the one portrayed above). Against all precedent, he doesn’t change all the old boss’s policies. He keeeps all the ones that working. You’re pretty impressed with your new boss. He is one of a kind. (more…)

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November 21st, 2014 12:23:08

Most of Us Don’t Sacrifice Like Abraham. We are not Pioneers.

November 19th, 2014 by G.

modern pioneers

I’ve been writing a lot about the nameless virtue, which is the virtue of unironically recognizing and praising standards that you yourself fall short of. The nameless virtue is easy to recognize when we’re talking about conventional sins and shortcomings. The inmate telling kids to stay away from the gangster life, the alcoholic who wishes he’d never taken that first drink, those are all standard fare. Along the same lines, what first brought the nameless virtue to my attention were Mormons who missed out on the basic steps of Mormon life extolling those steps. Those kinds of exceptions that prove the rule make the nameless virtue pretty apparent. (more…)

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November 19th, 2014 13:25:00

Baptism is not Being Yourself

October 29th, 2014 by G.

Second Nephi Ch. 31 is not authentic.

It is not a forgery. It is not a fabrication. But the spirit of the age embraces the cult of authenticity, and Second Nephi Ch. 31 could not be more against the spirit of the age if it emitted unlicensed pollutants from burning iPhones. (more…)

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October 29th, 2014 11:45:50

No Hypocrites, No Heroes, No Humble Worship

October 09th, 2014 by G.


One kind of creativity is making unexpected connections. Wodehouse excelled at this kind of creativity. I just read where Fink-Nottle, on a vegan diet, started weeping at a sunset, because the color reminded him of a nice, underdone slice of beef.

Most of my creativity comes to me second hand. Providence makes the connections for me. “Look on this picture, and on this,” Providence says, and all I have to do is look, and think. (more…)

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October 09th, 2014 12:15:26

Another Essay that isn’t the Best Essay You’ll Read All Month

September 11th, 2014 by G.

This post is about discretion and legalism. It follows up on the post The Virtue with No Name, or the Best Mormon Essay You’ll Read This Month. (more…)

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September 11th, 2014 15:05:49

The Virtue With No Name, Or the Best Mormon Essay You’ll Read this Month

September 09th, 2014 by G.

No, not this essay, goose. Another essay. Which will be revealed to you later.



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September 09th, 2014 12:10:29