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September 25th, 2017 by G.

Modesty Lds Quotes. QuotesGram

In the spirit of the Benedict Option, this post will highlight some practical things that Mormons do to keep their youth faithful and on the strait and narrow.  We do much better than most in those regards (though we only look successful comparatively, we have a long way to go ourselves).  The two efforts tend to be intertwined because the sexual revolution is probably the single biggest challenge to faith in our era.  And that is the first pointer.  There is no alternative to biting the bullet and taking a firm line in opposition to the sexual revolution.  Yes, some will leave because of it.  But if you waffle, the same folks plus others will simply drift away, because it won’t be clear that your faith offers anything concrete.

So here are a couple of practical things the Mormons do. (more…)

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September 25th, 2017 06:04:33

Thoughts on “The Benedict Option” by Rod Dreher

July 20th, 2017 by MC

Image result for the benedict option

[For previous discussions of the Benedict Option, see here]

In reducing his signature idea to book form, Rod Dreher set a clear, if daunting, task for himself: 1) Describe the challenges that serious Christians face in the modern world due to increasing secularism, and 2) Propose solutions to meet those challenges. (more…)

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July 20th, 2017 02:55:22

Step 3

March 08th, 2017 by G.

A friend said, forget politics, the basic program for righting the world is three simple steps.

1. Get yourself together.
2. Get a good family going.
3. Get your kids to repeat steps 1-3.

He’s right.



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March 08th, 2017 06:53:58

What We Can Learn from the Saints about the Benedict Option

February 27th, 2017 by G.

Last year a professor friend of mine let me know that Rod Dreher was looking for some Mormon sources for his Benedict Option book and would I mind talking to him.  I said sure, he passed on my info and told me Dreher was going to be out in my neck of the woods soon and would meet me there.  I begged leaved to doubt it–no one is ever in my neck of the woods, I live in the back of beyond–but just in case I scribbled some notes.  In the event, we never met.

But the book is being published soon and Dreher has just posted about a Mormon response to it.  Check it out.  So I’m going to post my notes.  Comments fleshing them out will be in italics. (more…)

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February 27th, 2017 06:57:17

Monastic Mormonism

July 27th, 2016 by G.

Some things are not coincidences.

An article on the monastic roots of Western democracy caught my eye. It did not wholly convince me that democracy had monastic roots. But it taught me something about the monastic ideal I had not known. (more…)

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July 27th, 2016 05:48:51

A Generation of Artisans and Scholars

July 15th, 2016 by The Junior Ganymede


The Junior Ganymede is proud to present a guest post from our friend at Gently Hew Stone.

I loved Aardvark’s recent post about gathering to Zion culturally. That essay made many important points that need to be considered deeply. My post is meant to stand on that one’s shoulders and go a little farther.

In the middle of what might be the essay’s most important paragraph, Aardvark said, “This is not a call to turn the next generation into a generation of artisans and scholars.”

Actually, it should be, and I’ll make the case that it is. Our need to save this and future rising generations is absolutely a call to produce more artists and educators—more people whose profession it is to build and transmit culture. (more…)

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July 15th, 2016 06:09:11

We Need to Gather to Zion Culturally

July 12th, 2016 by The Junior Ganymede

The JrG is pleased to share this guest post from our friend Aardvark.  He proposes a cultural variant of the Benedict Option.

Sometimes I find myself envious of Lehi and his family, or of the early saints; they had somewhere to go. Things got weird, they saw that things got weird, so they packed their bags and left. Sure, I’m glossing over a whole host of important details that would make me less envious of those two parties, but suffice it to say, lately I feel the the desire to leave for the wilderness and gather very keenly.


Alas there are few empty places in the world left to run to, and short of an explicit call to gather from the prophet there are most likely not enough people willing to leave that could make any self-imposed exile sustainable in the long run. It seems that we are left with the Benedict Option as our first step. This idea has been covered on this blog recently and previously, as well as in other places so I’ll avoid rehashing what it is.


Ultimately, it seems that many people I speak with think this isn’t even available as a first step for us anymore. It seems that we are in the world a bit too much these days. For Mormons this appears to be the crux. We have many of the necessary structures in place already to execute a highly successful Benedictine withdrawal, but our desire for respectability keeps us trying to straddle the line. As modern culture continues its willful descent into a Hieronymus Bosch painting, we’ll get pulled down along with it.


As has been observed by others on this blog, we as Mormons have outsourced much of our cultural and social economies to the broader culture; shunning the world then simply will not work. On the one hand, we are too reliant on it for our entertainment. On the other, we cannot retreat or hide from the onslaught of a decadent culture forever, hiding behind rocks that progressively get smaller and smaller. What we need to do, is replace it. Yes, let us replace the decadent culture around us with a rich beautiful culture infused with the sense of divinity we lay claim to as Latter-day Saints. And when I say culture, I don’t mean we should pick off the lowest hanging fruit. I aim for us to retake the ultimate expression of a society’s culture: its theater, dance, music, architecture, sculpture, drawing, painting, and other fine arts. (more…)

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July 12th, 2016 12:00:19

The Benedict Insurgency

May 17th, 2016 by MC


[Note: I did a Google Image Search for “Mickey Mouse Evil,” and it came up with this image, which is more apropos for this post than I could have hoped for.]

This is not a Robert Ludlum novel. These are some thoughts, hopefully not too disjointed, about Mormons and The Benedict Option.

I.     “Eeek! A Mouse!”

A few months back, we went to Disneyland with my side of the family. It’s a cliché among BYU fans to note how much BYU gear one sees at Disneyland. Now I know why; even if you aren’t looking for them, Mormons are EVERYWHERE in the Magic Kingdom. You might think that I only noticed the because I’m Mormon. But my undergraduate school is one that, based on size and distance from L.A., you would expect to be on rough parity with BYU at Disneyland. Instead my college was outnumbered probably 10-to-1.

So yeah, Mormons love Disney. Back in the days of Walt himself, this would hardly warrant mentioning. Christians like good, clean family fun, and Disney = good, clean family fun.

But not all Christians like Disney. (more…)

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May 17th, 2016 02:34:53

The Benedict Option: the Brotherhood of the Way

August 05th, 2015 by G.

At last conference, Elder Perry gave a powerful appeal for the truth that there is a Way, a Tao, a Natural Religion, that unites believers across many faiths: (more…)

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August 05th, 2015 09:42:29

Benedict Option Viewing Fare

July 31st, 2015 by G.

Dreher recommends the Humana videos as good family fare for larnin’.  I haven’t seen them, but I hope they make a nice complement to our Sunday morning Mormon  message viewing.

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July 31st, 2015 13:24:33

The Benedict Option in Higher Education

July 22nd, 2015 by Patrick Henry

The next attack on religious freedom is probably against schools.  The Bob Jones precedent and accreditation make it a more vulnerable target.  Progressivism dominates higher education, which makes progressives more worked up about enemies in “their” territory and which gives them an advantage in operating on the terrain.  For instance, most professors and administrators at even the most traditionalist schools were probably educated elsewhere and have been deeply acculturated in progressivism.  This acculturation continues every time they go to a conference or read professional publications.

One solution is for faith schools to cooperate with each other.  They could form their own accrediting body, for instance.

The only problem is that the largest faith schools have already surrendered.  Baylor just removed the prohibition against homosexual acts from their honor code.   Notre Dame’s white flag was already hoisted.

Our prominent allies are itching to be on the other side.  We must reorient our expectations from actual allies.  It will be the small Christian colleges that aren’t very prestigious.  We are going to have to look for friends among groups that are going to be more lowly and despised than we are accustomed to.  To a certain extent, we may have to be sheltering them than vice versa.



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July 22nd, 2015 08:04:03

Rod Dreher on the Benedict Option

July 08th, 2015 by Man SL

Read the whole thing.

Some excerpts: (more…)

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July 08th, 2015 14:11:22

The Benedict Option: are We Losing Even Outwardly Committed Youth?

July 08th, 2015 by The Junior Ganymede

(Guest post from a correspondent, based on an email exchange that began before the Benedict Option post)

Has there been a discussion of how Mormons might meet the Benedict option? Is it possible to be Benedictines and missionaries? It’s a discussion the Mormons on the internet should be having if they have not yet. (more…)

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July 08th, 2015 07:14:35

The Limits of Gifts

July 07th, 2015 by G.

What did the Savior mean when He said that “the sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath”? I believe He wanted us to understand that the Sabbath was His gift to us

-thus Elder Nelson, from this April’s Conference.

He then goes on to recommend church attendance, taking the sacrament, diligently working in your church calling, teaching gospel principles to our children, family prayer and other forms of “righteous, intentional parenting,” family history work, service, self-discipline, not pursuing pleasure, and forgoing routine or recreational activities.

Some gift!

It’s a present so generous that any more of it could break you. (more…)

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July 07th, 2015 12:00:34

The Benedict Option

July 02nd, 2015 by Patrick Henry

Eich, Windsor, Memories Pizza, Obergefell.  These are straws in the wind showing which way the wind is blowing.  In fact, it has been clear for some time that the Mormon faith and the moral law were transitioning from –oddball and eccentric- to –wicked and despised-. The Church’s views on fornication, for example, have been at odds with the culture for some time. But our views were tolerable, just like our views on alcohol, or a vegan’s insistence on not eating meat. World War G and now World War T have ended that tolerance. We’re evil now. The blood libel is making an appearance . (more…)

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July 02nd, 2015 06:35:45