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Mingling Church and State

November 09th, 2011 by John Mansfield

I’ve cast ballots at polls set up in a Presbyterian church in California, a Catholic church in Michigan, and a non-denominational Christian church in Maryland, but never before had I seen an LDS building performing this service. Above is my ward’s building in Gaithersburg, Maryland on Tuesday morning, minutes before city elections began. For pack meeting, we confined ourselves to the Primary room on the lower level, entering from the rear, before going out to distribute bags and flyers for Scouting for Food. Green Signs won, and Yellow Signs and Blue Signs did not.

[Also posted at Millennial Star.]

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November 09th, 2011 20:10:24

Adam G.
November 10, 2011

What a lovely building y’all have. The festooning of democracy only makes it more lovely.

Rob Holmes
November 10, 2011

I believe the handbook says the church shouldn’t be used for elections unless suitable alternatives are unavailable. That is a nice looking church.

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