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Mary at Bethlehem

December 21st, 2010 by G.

Agatha Christie’s Christmas Story Star Over Bethlehem starts out sounding like a piece of mid-priced sentimentality, but then it gets really good, really quick. All is not as it seems.

My Christmas devotions this year have been bringing me to Lehi’s Dream. Mary is the tree and Christ is the white fruit that hangs from it. Mary learned soon after her son was born that this white fruit would cause her sorrow like a sword piercing her side. There are interesting parallels–in death Christ also hung on a tree, which was pierced by nails.

Utahns have committed some beautiful religious art this year, some of which have a crucifixion and a Marian theme. The first painting pictured at a link is that artist who does that faux-Russian folk style I don’t really care for, but in this case it works, and very well.

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