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Someone Needs to Hear your Testimony.

December 20th, 2017 by Bookslinger

For the past two months I’ve been “buffetted” a bit, haunted by a testimony/story I was supposed to share during the testimony meeting after October General Conference.  It, the telling of the story/testimony, replays in my head and sometimes I act/speak it out loud.  Maybe it’s like an amateur musician/composer who has to “get the music out of him.” I have OCD and PTSD, so there might be some of that in it, too.

 I think I finally figured out why, and I think the principle is general enough to share with the JrG audience.  It might have been for my benefit too, but I already know what happened. So I think the Lord wants others to know what He’s doing — Isaiah 12:4 and Psalms 105:1.  Somehow, someone else needs to hear what happened, perhaps as inspiration to do likewise, or to do something similar.  And perhaps the telling of the story would change my relationship with one or more ward members. (more…)

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December 20th, 2017 12:43:38

In Defense of “Mottramism”

April 07th, 2017 by MC


“Mottramism” is a term that Rod Dreher has periodically employed to denote an unreflective acceptance of eccesiastical authority. The term was coined by Mark Cameron, who describes it thus: (more…)

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April 07th, 2017 00:59:39

For Those Who Disagree

January 29th, 2017 by MC

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What’s the right way to act when you disagree with the Church?

I’m not asking this question because it’s some sort of novel situation I find myself in. Far from it. Who doesn’t have disagreements with the Church? Even with the prophets, dead or living? Even with (*installs lightning rod*) the Word of God itself as recorded in the scriptures? There are thousands of pages of scriptures, conference talks, Church policies, Sunday School lessons, half-remembered anecdotes from your batty old aunt about how they used to run things in the pre-war M.I.A., etc. The odds that you could thoughtfully ponder all that and not find some points of honest disagreement are astronomical. (more…)

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January 29th, 2017 02:35:58

They Don’t Believe In Mormonism

June 28th, 2015 by MC

I couldn’t let some choice nuggets from this Kate Kelly interview pass without comment, because I don’t think even Kelly realizes just how damning they are. Kelly, as you will recall, is the former leader of the activist group, “Give Women the Priesthood Or I Swear I’m Going to Hurt Myself And It Will Be Your Fault.” (I’m pretty sure that was the official name, maybe someone can look it up for me). They cast themselves as faithful Mormons who just wanted the Church to correct this one little, historically contingent error in doctrine. They’re not the first group to portray themselves as such, but they were probably the most aggressive; the only people more aggressive than them have been openly apostate.

 It’s been a year since Ms. Kelly was exed, let’s see what she has to say: (more…)

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June 28th, 2015 00:10:45

Rising to the challenge

July 27th, 2014 by Vader

[Regular readers know I try to derive sophomoric humor from taking on the character of a lumbering seven-foot-tall asthmatic-villain-American who dresses in black plastic armor and has medical issues. (more…)

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July 27th, 2014 18:45:10

The Way that Can Be Said

April 22nd, 2013 by G.

is not the true way.

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April 22nd, 2013 15:32:50

Basic Apologetics Resources

July 30th, 2012 by G.

No marriage can survive an examination of the spouse’s faults, without equal or more time spent on the partner’s good qualities. This is true even if the examination is fair-minded and gives due weight to extenuating circumstances, excuses, and justifications. (more…)

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July 30th, 2012 09:47:46

Testimony Time

February 01st, 2010 by G.

T&S is collecting testimonies. Some of them would be at home in a Unitarian congregation, but some of them are well worth your time.

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February 01st, 2010 16:37:09