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They Don’t Believe In Mormonism

June 28th, 2015 by MC

I couldn’t let some choice nuggets from this Kate Kelly interview pass without comment, because I don’t think even Kelly realizes just how damning they are. Kelly, as you will recall, is the former leader of the activist group, “Give Women the Priesthood Or I Swear I’m Going to Hurt Myself And It Will Be Your Fault.” (I’m pretty sure that was the official name, maybe someone can look it up for me). They cast themselves as faithful Mormons who just wanted the Church to correct this one little, historically contingent error in doctrine. They’re not the first group to portray themselves as such, but they were probably the most aggressive; the only people more aggressive than them have been openly apostate.

 It’s been a year since Ms. Kelly was exed, let’s see what she has to say: (more…)

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June 28th, 2015 00:10:45

Who’s Your Ingroup, Anyway?

December 09th, 2014 by MC

Meg Stout gives a plausible explanation of when dissent warrants expulsion from the Church, and when it doesn’t. It’s true that the women’s organization “Give Us The Priesthood Or We’re Telling The NY Times” (that was the name, right?) was “tone-deaf when it comes to Mormon culture but in tune with world media.” They certainly seemed to come from a much more alien value system than some of the subtler snakes in the grass, who dress and talk like Mormons, so much that they seem almost like the real thing. But I think it’s even simpler than even that. (more…)

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December 09th, 2014 01:34:08