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June 15th, 2017 by G.

Theirs is a combination of Marxist and Darwinist thinking: If you break enough eggs, eventually an omelette will arise.

-thus our own Lord Vader.

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June 15th, 2017 05:43:51

The Abundant Life of the Mind

June 14th, 2017 by G.

Most of our thinking is ’caused’, automatic, un-thinking – that is, it is ‘programmed’ by our environment and experiences – but the real-true-divine thinking is itself a cause and has no cause – it is a spontaneous origin coming from nothing prior (that is because it is divine, and that is what divine is).

But real-true-divine thinking is not just some different kind of process that happens to be uncaused – it is participating in reality, which means it is intrinsically true.

-thus Bruce Charlton

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June 14th, 2017 04:35:23

Modernity Is . . .

June 13th, 2017 by G.

Modernity is the experiment of Man living without religion.

-thus Bruce Charlton

And the results are in.


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June 13th, 2017 16:41:05

Sex Roles Are . . .

May 18th, 2017 by G.

Sex roles aren’t strict rules for living. They are banners for living. They are the old, sweet melodies and we are jazz musicians who sometimes play them straight and sometimes improvise variations on them.

-from Man and Woman, Men and Women


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May 18th, 2017 06:00:49

Free Pigs

May 08th, 2017 by G.

In a storm, one part of a pigsty fence was broken, leaving a gap.  When the pig saw it, he thought, “freedom!” and trotted out, determined to live or die, survive or thrive, depending on his own choices and fortune.

A passing wild pig saw the gap and trotted in.  “Freedom!” he thought.  “No more worries, no more cares.  I hope somebody fixes that fence.”


The first freedom is choosing what freedom is.

See also the Garden of Eden.

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May 08th, 2017 10:20:20

Answers that Look Dull

May 05th, 2017 by Man SL

Answers that look uncommonly dull to people who have only a vague idea what the question might be often look fiendishly clever to anyone who has spent five minutes trying to answer the question on their own.

-thus some guy on the internet blogging about something else.

Boy howdy, is that ever true.

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May 05th, 2017 07:17:04

Reaction versus conservatism

May 04th, 2017 by Vader

Reaction is

…the yearning to overturn a present condition of decadence and recover an idealized past. The pursuit of social transformation distinguishes reaction from the conservative inclination to cherish and preserve what actually exists.
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May 04th, 2017 09:03:04

Acting Upon God

May 03rd, 2017 by G.

In fact to believe we can determine the divine Will by our comportment—Deo juvante—is in no way pretentious, given that God created us for precisely this; it is a normal or “supernaturally natural” consequence of our theomorphism; thus there is no harm in the idea that our actions can be meritorious before God, and no one obliges us to become proud of them. A good conscience is a normal phenomenon; it is the normal climate within which a man runs toward God; there is nothing in a good conscience that attracts us to the world, it being perfectly neutral in this respect, unless we are hypocrites. On the contrary, it draws us toward Heaven since by its very nature it is a taste of Heaven.”

-thus Frithjof Schuon (via Mark Citadel).


Behold the condescension of God!

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May 03rd, 2017 06:59:39

God Is Not An Intellectual

April 28th, 2017 by Vader

An intellectual is somebody who thinks ideas are more important than people.

— Paul Johnson

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April 28th, 2017 10:41:24

Everyone is a Theologian for 15 Minutes

April 06th, 2017 by Patrick Henry

I am exposed to a lot of atheists who think they are Christian theologians.    A lot of these people try to accuse Christians of being hypocrites for not consistently viewing God as a sort of adult Santa Claus.  My thinking is that sometimes He’s like Santa Claus, and sometimes He’s like Gen. George S. Patton.  He has plans for you, and they might involve you getting killed.

-thus Peter A. Taylor.

Our friendly Sith shared something similar below.


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April 06th, 2017 06:54:56

Hate Speech

March 30th, 2017 by Patrick Henry

A couple of aphorisms from sardonic friends.

Political Correctness speaks power to truth.


Hate speech is the speech that power hates to hear.


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March 30th, 2017 09:51:30

Why babies cry

March 20th, 2017 by Vader

My soul comes from better worlds and I have an incurable homesickness for the stars.

–Thus Nikos Kazantzakis

h/t Dan Peterson and “drballard

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March 20th, 2017 14:25:45

Virtue Signaling: Juxtapositions XV

February 07th, 2017 by Man SL

Virtue Signaling is just Pride that needs to be reassured. Pride, but without the confidence. All of the sin, but none of the upside.

-thus our Zen

Virtue signaling is virtue without courage.

-thus Nassim Taleb

When people virtue signal: play dumb, mock them, or pretend to find “problematic” attitudes (racist? patronizing? cis-centric?) in their virtue signals. Even explicitly praising a virtue signaler’s level of education (use the word “articulate”!) will discomfit him: blatant virtue signals are still virtue signals, but blatant status signals are tacky. The need to signal one’s status betokens low status, so a signal must be subtle and understated to communicate high status.

-thus Quincy Lathan, Social Matter

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February 07th, 2017 06:03:13

Archimedes’ Lever

February 05th, 2017 by G.

But in the end, everything will hinge on the private decisions of individuals; perhaps even of one single individual – this is how the world works (although we never know the sepficis, in mortal life).

The threads of causality converge on a point of decision, then diverge-out from that point.

At that point it might be You – You will, soon, be brought to some point, and will make a difficult choice. You cannot ever know that your choice is not the one at the convergence point of a vast portion of the web, your choice the origin of many other changes.

And anyway, nothing is insignificant in this world – everything matters, because anything might be crucial.

(There are no ‘unimportant people’.)

How you decide, how you perform on that single test of integrity, could determine the future of the nations.

Be ready.

-thus Bruce Charlton

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February 05th, 2017 18:00:56

Whose Ideology

January 25th, 2017 by G.

An idea gets it political meaning from the class which takes it up.

-thus Bertrand de Jouvenel

We should not ask ourselves which ideology should rule. We should ask ourselves whose ideology should rule. That class which is penitent and purposeful and good-willed, let that class rule.

If they are to be found.

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January 25th, 2017 08:08:04