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Life Imitates Art.

August 09th, 2017 by Bookslinger

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August 09th, 2017 08:47:21

Japanese to try to wake up Godzilla.

April 08th, 2017 by Bookslinger

Here or here. (Choose your poison, CNN or Daily Mail.)

I think I saw this in a movie once.  I forget how it turned out. Or maybe it was Gamera. 

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April 08th, 2017 07:56:08

He was just “mostly dead.”

May 23rd, 2015 by Bookslinger

Not “all dead.”


*Cultural reference here.

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May 23rd, 2015 14:35:49

Life imitates art

November 02nd, 2013 by Vader

The commander of the Navy’s most futuristic new warship is named.     (more…)

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November 02nd, 2013 22:53:16

“I’m not dead yet.” “Yes you are.”

July 08th, 2013 by Bookslinger


Original article here.

The damning parts are:

“But doctor’s ignored the nurse’s observations which indicated Burns was still alive, and proceeded with the surgery anyway.”


“Before the procedure, Burns was given an injection of the sedative Ativan, but neither the sedative or the observations of life were recorded in the doctor’s notes for the procedure.

Dr. David Mayer, a general vascular surgeon and associate professor of clinical surgery an New York Medical College, said the application of a sedative is quite strange.

‘It would sedate her to the point that she could be non-reactive,’ Mayer told the Post-Standard. ‘If you have to sedate them or give them pain medication, they’re not brain dead and you shouldn’t be harvesting their organs.’

This is actually an old theme, from a 1978 Michael Douglas film:

And a Monty Python scene:

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July 08th, 2013 22:36:56