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Fentanyl deaths: Screw-up or conspiracy*?

June 20th, 2017 by Bookslinger

(*Americanized version of a Dr. Charlton post’s title.)

So a lot of addicts have died recently because there’s too much fentanyl or carfentanyl  mixed  in the heroin that they are injecting or otherwise ingesting.

Heroin has always needed to be diluted or “cut” with an inert filler.  Pure heroin kills. At least according to the TV shows and movies I’ve seen. So, when adding the cheaper and more powerful synthetic opiod fentanyl to heroin, it would need  to be diluted even more. 

Some heroin addicts die every year just taking  “standard” concentration heroin. In their stupor or desperation, they carelessly just take too much.  But when dozens or hundreds of people in a geographic area all overdose in the same day or two, something else is in play. (more…)

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June 20th, 2017 15:15:38

Inherited Suffering

February 06th, 2014 by Bookslinger

From Dr. Keith Ablow about the recent drug death of a celebrity:

When children of addicts lose a parent to overdose, they can also lose any certainty that their mom or dad loved them more than anything in this world.

Most little humans, in that predicament, deny that fact. They search for other reasons for their loss and wonder whether they themselves were inadequate.

They often wonder whether anything in life can be trusted, whether they can ever be safe from catastrophe. And that makes them vulnerable to depression and drug addiction and personality disorders, just like their dad was. Round and round and round. That’s the real way psychiatric suffering is passed through generations.

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