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What Good does Feminism Distort?

February 15th, 2018 by G.

Leftism was based on the promise that the traditional system could be replaced by a new system that would be built-around The Individual. A top-down system to impose individuality…! People ought to have noticed that this is self-contradictory – however they didn’t and they still don’t notice this.

So, what did feminism get right? That each person is and ought to be known as an unique individual.

What did feminism miss out? That men and women are (ultimately, over an eternal timescale) distinct and complementary parts of the One Complete Human: Man – as a complete entity, which must be achieved and is not ‘given’ – is a man and a woman as an eternal loving dyad.

-thus Bruce Charlton.

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February 15th, 2018 06:49:37

An Interesting Philosophical Argument

December 07th, 2017 by G.

1.  “Reality is . . . in a realm untouched by communication, not dependent on communication – a realm that we can know directly – each for himself.”
2. “we can only know that reality we conceptualise, and conceptualising means thinking – we cannot know anything of un-thought reality, because to know is to think.
Therefore assuming God wants us to know reality, things must be set-up such that we can know reality by thinking…”
3.  Reality is itself a kind of thinking; else we could not know it.  Reality therefore seems to be God’s thinking, and God’s thinking is knowable creation.
4.  If we ourselves are to participate-in reality, we must affect the universal divine thinking – which (I believe) implies that we ourselves need to be divine.

It’s not laid out with the rigor of analytic philosophy, which is all to the good.
I am also not a philosopher, thanks be to God.  So I will only say that I have my doubts about #1–I find it hard to express, but I am pretty sure that sociality is inescapable and is part of how we know things.  In fact, I think that the latter parts of the argument would entail that reality is a form of divine communication–and #3–because our own ability to participate in reality implies thoughts that are not thought by God, which implies an outside to divinity, which need not be limited to us.  In other words, I reject the notion (though I don’t think this is precisely what Bruce C. intends) that our delight in the sun and the moon and the wind in the pines is solely a delight in some aspects of God.  I reject it because it is not my experience.  I don’t think #3 is flat wrong either, of course.
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December 07th, 2017 06:36:32

God, gods, and Creation

October 06th, 2017 by G.

To have a coherent metaphysics [of free will] seems to me to entail a coherent and purposive universe – which seems to require a single creation – or else (if there were no creation, or many) everything would ultimately be ‘random’, incoherent, contingent and arbitrary; and agency would have no meaning.

And it also seems to require the participation of agents (e.g Men, in this instance) – that Men are actually engaged with the universe, and can change it by and from their own distinctive natures. This seems to entail that Men are ‘gods’ – in the sense that they are sufficiently separated from reality not merely to be caused-by it (i.e. determined) – and also that Men are able to change reality from themselves, expressive of their nature – and not merely arbitrarily. In other words, these are the characteristics of gods.

-thus Bruce Charlton

To act meaningfully is divine.  Your choice sets in train events that otherwise would never be, for good or for ill.  And so irrevocably that no one can undo what you have done, and only God through death can make up for it.  That is the glory and damnation of Man.

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October 06th, 2017 06:22:15

Modernity Is . . .

June 13th, 2017 by G.

Modernity is the experiment of Man living without religion.

-thus Bruce Charlton

And the results are in.


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June 13th, 2017 16:41:05

Apologizing for the Truth is Lying

March 03rd, 2017 by G.

Given that PC witch-hunts are primarily directed against those who tell the truth – resignation and apology means that the victim publicly repents his Good action.

To do something Good, and then to repent it – is actually worse than doing nothing; because it teaches (with the explicit endorsement of the victim) the public lesson that Good is actually evil.

-thus Bruce Charlton. (more…)

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March 03rd, 2017 06:46:12

Archimedes’ Lever

February 05th, 2017 by G.

But in the end, everything will hinge on the private decisions of individuals; perhaps even of one single individual – this is how the world works (although we never know the sepficis, in mortal life).

The threads of causality converge on a point of decision, then diverge-out from that point.

At that point it might be You – You will, soon, be brought to some point, and will make a difficult choice. You cannot ever know that your choice is not the one at the convergence point of a vast portion of the web, your choice the origin of many other changes.

And anyway, nothing is insignificant in this world – everything matters, because anything might be crucial.

(There are no ‘unimportant people’.)

How you decide, how you perform on that single test of integrity, could determine the future of the nations.

Be ready.

-thus Bruce Charlton

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February 05th, 2017 18:00:56

More Dream Understanding

January 25th, 2017 by G.

Bruce Charlton has a post on understanding your dreams that I think worthwhile. Excerpt:

The test of experience is therefore that it is the dream structure which matters, not the specific content; it is the structure expressed in terms of a dramatic flow of emotions or convictions akin to the emotional sequence induced by an effective story (e.g. in a novel, play or movie).

The significance of the dream needs to be ‘reverse engineered’ from one’s sequential pattern of emotional responses to the dream…

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January 25th, 2017 08:12:28

Critiquing the Butterfly Effect

January 05th, 2017 by G.

The initial intervention is assumed to be uncaused – hence undetermined – while everything after that point is assumed to be determined (albeit in a non-linear fashion).


-thus Bruce Charlton

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January 05th, 2017 16:20:58

On Being Moderately Evil

November 25th, 2016 by G.

Up into 2010 I was trying to be reasonable. Why? Well, one does, doesn’t one?

But what counts as reasonable depends on the system; as as I became more aware of the system I realised that being reasonable in an insane, suicidal system of inverted-Good was, actually, participating in evil.

-thus Bruce Charlton. (more…)

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November 25th, 2016 06:10:21

Angina Monologue 32

November 08th, 2016 by Vader

His Majesty was in a happy mood this morning.


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November 08th, 2016 09:32:29

Worse than Suffering

October 17th, 2016 by G.

Those who do not want to be saved, who fight being saved; who reject the Gift of the Saviour… they will typically suffer. In a sense they should suffer, because suffering is their only hope.

We, as individual people, shuld not make them suffer – they do that for themselves – but we should not unthinkingly or always strive actively to alleviate self-imposed suffering – that may well be to harm the other person: harm them soon and forever.

Alleviation of suffering is not an imperative – and we should never allow ourselves to be persuaded that it is.. In a sense they should suffer, because suffering is their only hope.

-thus Bruce Charlton

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October 17th, 2016 10:34:30


September 02nd, 2016 by G.

To experience a phenomenon in the world as alive, meaningful, significant to us personally; we need to Recognise the experience is happening; acknowledge the Validity of the experience (that it is something real and true); and recognise that the experience is Important (not an accident, not random nor an epiphenomenon – but a significant occurrence that needs to be taken note of).

-thus Bruce Charlton

Good stuff. The mantra may need a little tweaking, however. Verb Noun Adjective will be hard to English speakers to remember.

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September 02nd, 2016 12:15:52


June 15th, 2016 by G.

Unreflective, naive realism is the past: religious traditionalism – it accepts what is given and relies on not-thinking about it. And then those who reflect and think deeply and become wise are led to a conscious recognition that what is given is true, real and therefore necessary.

Modern people who do not consciously think are therefore on ‘the Right’; and so are those who follow-through their thoughts to their conclusions.

But the mass majority of modern intellectuals, however, think a little bit but never through to conclusions. They reflect a little, but never about their own assumptions. They are – in a word – sophomores: that is, wise fools – or, actual-fools who superficially appear, and believe themselves to be, wise.

-thus Bruce Charlton.

If you are not reading the good doctor, you ought.

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June 15th, 2016 13:31:12

What is God Like? How Do We Know?

April 18th, 2016 by G.

The answer to ‘what kind of creator?’ does not come from drawing up some kind of ‘balance sheet’ of good and bad things, as we crudely and ignorantly suppose them to be. Of course we cannot really know what is good and bad in terms of motives and long-term effects – but even if we could this would be a ludicrous exercise – is that method how we know for certain a mother’s love, a wife’s, a son or daughter’s love? By compiling a ledger of hugs and treats minus sharp words and slaps?

thus Bruce Charlton

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April 18th, 2016 05:24:12

Do You Love Your Children because They are All the Same?

March 24th, 2016 by G.

Why is there a Brotherhood of Man?

1. Because we are all God’s children, and brothers and sisters in our divine potential?

2. Because there are no real differences between people – everybody is equal?

-thus Bruce Charlton

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March 24th, 2016 08:14:29