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The Bitch and Her Whelps

May 19th, 2017 by G.

  A BITCH, ready to whelp, earnestly begged a shepherd for a place
where she might litter.  When her request was granted, she
besought permission to rear her puppies in the same spot.  The
shepherd again consented.  But at last the Bitch, protected by
the bodyguard of her Whelps, who had now grown up and were able
to defend themselves, asserted her exclusive right to the place
and would not permit the shepherd to approach.

from Aesop’s Fables

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May 19th, 2017 07:14:21

Do men understand women better than women understand men?

May 19th, 2017 by Bruce Charlton

Since equality never happens in nature; either men must understand women better than women understand men; or else women understand men better than men understand women – on average.

(Or, the difference could be too small to make a difference, except perhaps at the extremes.)

So which is it?

I would say the answer is obvious: men understand women better than vice versa!

More exactly, over time most men learn to understand women better and better; but women instead learn to tolerate that which they do not ever understand.

Why? Perhaps because biologically men court and women choose; so men want and need to understand women so they will mate with them. A woman (a young healthy woman, anyway) is intrinsically in-demand, and doesn’t really need to understand men – just to pick the best one available…

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May 19th, 2017 04:14:46

Go ahead, impeach Trump.

May 17th, 2017 by Bookslinger

We’ll just get ultra-conservative Pence as Pres.

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May 17th, 2017 08:46:03

Faults in Old Books, Faults in Us

May 17th, 2017 by G.

Image result for stevenson prince otto

I’m having the time of my life reading old middlebrow bestsellers. Very old. The complete works of Sir. Walter Scott sell for next to nothing on the kindle, and so do the complete works of Robert Louis Stevenson. I switch back and forth.

Old books sometimes show the faults of our civilization clearer than new books do, because in old books they wear a different skin. They are fresher then, and less simmered in. (more…)

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May 17th, 2017 06:06:31

Mothers in Our Spiritual Warfare

May 14th, 2017 by G.

Mothers are God’s arsenal.

There is a military piece of wisdom that says that adequate leaders know tactics, good leaders know strategy, and great leaders know logistics.

God is a great leader.

Hence mothers.

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May 14th, 2017 08:32:09

Alcohol and Mormons

May 09th, 2017 by Bruce Charlton

One obvious and uncontroversial fact about Mormons is that they are one of very few groups in the modern world who have, by and large, wholesome and sustainable aspirations relating to marriage and family. And a high proportion of Mormons live by these aspirations.

How does this work, how do they manage it?

Here are some speculations (and they are speculations).


The root of it seems to be religious – and relating to the distinctive religious doctrines and emphases of Mormonism (in other words, Mormon exceptionalism is not attributable to something like genetic inheritance or pure culture).

But many mainstream Christians have similar aspirations to Mormons, yet utterly fail to live by them – and most Christian denominations have long since given-up trying to resist the sexual revolution.

My guess is that Mormonism has certain interlinked features which enable it, uniquely among Christian denominations to achieve what they believe.


For young men the fact that Mormonism is a Patriarchal religion is a guarantee of significant status for all men: this is enhanced by the fact that a married man is normally expected to be the priest for his wife and family – a divinely-ordained and honoured position.


Why would a man, qua man – and not specifically as a Mormon – want to remain chaste, marry early, and stay faithful to a Mormon woman?

(Bearing in mind that a high status Mormon man would usually be surrounded by non-Mormon opportunities for extra-marital sex, and for marriage.)

Perhaps because – assuming he does indeed want to marry, and stay married, and raise a family; then Mormon women are more likely than average to be chaste and faithful and orientated to motherhood (in so far as upbringing can influence a person’s behaviour).

Mormon women are also expecting to marry while young, while non-Mormon women often delay marriage.


But what of Mormon women?

As a rule, women control the sexual marketplace: they are the gate-keepers. This especially applies to young women (nowadays by their own choice, but throughout history and still in much of the world by very strict the familial control of young women’s sexual behaviour).

If you control the sexual behaviour of women, then – indirectly but effectively – you pretty much also control the sexual behaviour of men.

So, it is probably the behaviour of Mormon women that underpins the success of the Mormon system of marriage and family (combined with the above-mentioned preference of high status Mormon men to marry Mormon women).


The difficulty most religions (or cultures) have is retaining young, attractive women within the faith, when young attractive women are in demand with men of any and every faith.

For example, an exceptionally attractive woman from almost any background or group can and (unless there are enforced social prohibitions) will often marry almost any man, no matter high status. So a beautiful slave, chorus girl, or gypsy girl can (and did) sometimes marry a Lord, King or Emperor.

What stops the most beautiful Mormon women marrying high status men outside the faith (and undermining the whole system)?


Usually, this problem is dealt with by extreme coercive and perhaps violent sanctions against those women who look outside the faith for partners or husbands: but this is emphatically not the case among Latter Day Saints.

So, if there are not strong sanctions against marrying-out; then there must (it seems) be strong incentives for the most beautiful Mormon women to marry – in – to marry only Mormon men, and indeed only the most devout of Mormon men.

So why do Mormon women so often choose to remain chaste until marriage, and then marry a Mormon man, and then stick with him, and (usually) have as large a family as they can afford to raise decently?


Part of the answer, I suggest, involves the Mormon prohibition on alcohol; because alcohol is a thing which – even in moderation, but especially in excess (which is ever more common) – enables or promotes female promiscuity.

This is my tentative explanation:

Most women are naturally chaste in the sense of being highly-selective and care-full in their choice of sexual partners; and generally requiring commitment before allowing sex. This is an expected product of evolution because throughout much of history, women who were not selective about sexual partners would not have raised many children to adulthood.

In modern Western society, this has been continually attacked for many decades by unprecedented levels of propaganda from the mass media; but one neglected factor in the increased promiscuity of non-Mormon women is alcohol.

Alcohol removes inhibition; indeed alcohol is strategically used for this purpose. Getting the woman drunk is a strategy used by seducing men; but more recently it is also used by on women themselves – to remove their own spontaneous (biologically bred) inhibitions.

Without alcohol, most women find it very difficult (psychologically difficult) to be promiscuous – even when they consciously ‘want’ to be.


Therefore, I think a necessary (not sufficient) factor in the chastity of Mormon women, is the prohibition on alcohol; and therefore prohibition is a necessary factor in the success of the Mormon system of marriage and family (but specifically for women).

It is the absolute prohibition on alcohol – in the context of the Mormon religion, and the social system – that enables most Mormon women to live-up to the high Christian ideals of their society.


Note: The above comes from my online mini-book Speculations of a Theoretical Mormon – theoreticalmormon.blogspot.co.uk – which was ‘published’ about three years ago and before I began blogging here. I am interested to know how this argument strikes Junior Ganymede readers.

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May 09th, 2017 06:34:55

Clayton Christensen Profile in the New Yorker

May 08th, 2017 by John Mansfield

“Christensen is a Mormon.” It’s got a Danish great-grandfather pulling a hand cart, courting a girl from a family of fourteen, and praying nightly about the truth of the Book of Mormon until “One evening in October, 1975, as I sat in the chair and opened the book following my prayer, I felt a marvelous spirit come into the room and envelop my body. I had never before felt such an intense feeling of peace and love. I started to cry, and did not want to stop. I knew then, from a source of understanding more powerful than anything I had ever felt in my life, that the book I was holding in my hands was true.”

More good stuff such as dealing with death as a believing Mormon. New Yorker readers will be more edified than usual. Also a bunch of disruptive innovation.

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May 08th, 2017 16:51:34

Popcorn Bliss

May 08th, 2017 by The Junior Ganymede

A guest post:

A friend turned me on to bulk popcorn from a local theater concession supply store.  They did not require a business license to sell to me.  35 pounds for about $13, …  $.37/pound, white or yellow.  Pop Weaver Gold is nice.  I live in corn country, so shipping to your locale may make it more expensive.

I vacuum packed some in the church’s mylar bags, and it still popped nicely after three years.

For a natural way to get that golden “theater” color and taste without artificial chemicals, use 50% palm oil along with your favorite popping oil (refined coconut, peanut, or grapeseed oils).  Palm oil is available at African/Caribbean and sometimes other ethnic grocery stores.  Be sure to get a refined palm oil, such as “Carotino” from Ola-Ola brand.  Palm oil that has pulp/sediment in it is not suitable at all for the high temps of popping corn. (more…)

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May 08th, 2017 14:40:41

Free Pigs

May 08th, 2017 by G.

In a storm, one part of a pigsty fence was broken, leaving a gap.  When the pig saw it, he thought, “freedom!” and trotted out, determined to live or die, survive or thrive, depending on his own choices and fortune.

A passing wild pig saw the gap and trotted in.  “Freedom!” he thought.  “No more worries, no more cares.  I hope somebody fixes that fence.”


The first freedom is choosing what freedom is.

See also the Garden of Eden.

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May 08th, 2017 10:20:20

Christ brought theosis

May 06th, 2017 by Bruce Charlton

Christ brought theosis to the world – that is, he made possible our full divinity as Sons and Daughters of God… if we wish to accept this gift, with its responsibilities.

(Salvation is vital; but is not, should not be, the main thing in life – and the incarnation of Christ was not required to make salvation possible. God the Father could give us salvation, even without the work of Christ.)

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May 06th, 2017 00:02:18

The World is on Fire

May 02nd, 2017 by Zen

The World is on Fire and everyone is running around with flamethrowers. They suppose the fire will burn where they want it, and then suddenly stop. But that isn’t the way fire works. It has a momentum all its own. When a forest fire starts, it does not stop easily until everything is destroyed.

People may ask if I am Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, Android or Apple etc. I might be, but what I am primarily, is Culture War Pacificist. Of course, I have strong opinions on what is right and wrong, and I will and do speak my mind. But people who attack and war and hate, have little idea how hard it will be to get that genii back in its bottle. Nor do they comprehend that the monster they have created, will inevitably turn on them.

Let us, instead, “renounce war and proclaim peace”. D&C 98:16

This was partially brought to mind, by a post on Scott Alexander’s blog, on the increasingly vindictive feedback loop of partisan politics.

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May 02nd, 2017 23:48:01

Year of Jubilee

April 30th, 2017 by Zen

One of the things that has fascinated me about the Old Testament, since I read Approaching Zion, is the idea of the Year of Jubilee.

There is no record of it actually being fully observed, but the idea is this, every 7th year all debts between Israelites, would be forgiven their fields would lie fallow. After 7 cycles of 7 years, they would have a year of Jubilee, which does this, and any sold land would revert original family holdings.

There is some suggestion (by which I mean the writings of an early 13th century Jewish mystic) that 2017 is a Year of Jubilee. It is also 50 years from the Six-Days War, and the birth of the Nation of Israel, so there is that too.

I know this is unrealistic right now, and yet, I yearn for it. It is audacious, but it is beautiful. That and I dislike the idea that the Law of Moses requires more from us, than we now require of ourselves.

We have talked a bit about a Constitution 2.0. What if we wrote into the Constitution, a 7 year debt release, so that all debts, including mortgages, would be forgiven in January, every 7th year. So, the next one would be Jan 1, 2024. We are a little to comfortable with debt, and too prone to bubbles in the marketplace. This is not the full law of the Year of Jubilee, particularly as that should be voluntary. But it is a significant part of the law.

Dare we go so far as to include that in the Constitution 2.0?

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April 30th, 2017 16:46:01

Reminiscing about the old days

April 30th, 2017 by Vader

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April 30th, 2017 12:23:54

Dynamic versus Static  Analysis, and margin creep.

April 29th, 2017 by Bookslinger

“Dynamic analysis versus static analysis” is a phrase that I should have used in previous posts about SSM and margin creep. Jane Galt describes it, but does not name it in her original article that I re-posted at the first link.

Static analysis is when people say “There’s no way that SSM can affect my marriage.”

Dynamic analysis is when people ask “How will SSM affect my children and their future children?” (more…)

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April 29th, 2017 13:34:09

Band of Brothers

April 26th, 2017 by Man SL

Early on, back in the Goth and Vandal days, they wrote a German version of the Gospels where Christ was some kind of divine hero chief and the Apostles were his war band.

Maybe that’s not obvious from the Bible, but its not totally wrong either.

The internet is amazing.  There’s this Easter article that looks at Christ and the apostles like they were a band of brothers.  It made me think..  Here’s a quote:


we understand that this männerbund is engaged in a battle. However, we also know that it is not fundamentally a battle against an enemy of this world.

What I thought of was the Doctrine and Covenants.

And as I said unto mine apostles, even so I say unto you, for you are mine apostles, even God’s high priests; ye are they whom my Father hath given me; ye are my friends.

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April 26th, 2017 06:54:28