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Judging by your Own Standard

January 31st, 2018 by Patrick Henry

Today, many liberals act as if conservatives who hold the same positions they did until recently aren’t only wrong, but are so malevolent that they cannot be reasoned with, only rolled over.

-thus Rod Dreher

It makes a kind of sense. It wasn’t reason that caused them to flip their opinions on a switch when the fashions shifted. And therefore it wasn’t reason that caused them to have their prior opinions. So they naturally believe that those who hold on to the old opinion have no reason in it either.

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January 31st, 2018 10:15:42

January 31, 2018

The comments on Drehrer’s piece are interesting, and foreboding. The key point of contention seems to be: Is liberalism a religion, or is religion “just another political stripe?”

This isn’t good. The material conditions make an actual war infeasible, but the seed is there.

January 31, 2018

The increasingly scorched-earth approach to political disagreement puts me in mind of an anecdote, set in Ancient China or wherever, about how the Great Rebellion got started.

The loyal general was leading his troops to the rendezvous point but it looked like they were going to arrive slightly late. The general gathered his lieutenants and asked:

“What is the official penalty for arriving slightly late?”

“Death,” the lieutenants answered with a glum look.

“And what is the penalty for starting an armed rebellion?”


“In that case,” concluded the general, “it looks like we are going to be starting an armed rebellion.”

January 31, 2018


Which is why we now have unironic neonazis running around. Since everyone from Romney to Bush to McCain is Hitler, there’s not a lot of extra outrage left.

January 31, 2018

I love Rod Dreher and also what I read by Matt Walsh, but they are both attempting to strengthen Christianity by reminding them of the Law of Consecration, when they aren’t even clear what the Ten Commandments are. Least you think I exaggerate, recently on Twitter, Walsh mentioned that Christians need to keep the commandments. And people seriously argued that the Bible says Christians can do anything they want, because the New Testament is about mercy.

Describing this as new wine in old bottles is entirely too flattering for the old bottles.

Bruce Charlton
February 1, 2018

The problem is that (by my honest understanding) modern culture is extremely and actively evil – in that sense indefensible. In a sense the mainstream left-extremists, and serious Christians are in agreement over what is at issue. In such a context ‘why can’t folks be nice to each other’ *seems* feeble, and maybe a counter-productive thing to assert.

Yet for Christians; how people regard and treat each other as actual people is what really matters above politics and abstractions.

There is an argument to be made here; but it ins’t about big journalistic generalisations. As usual, it is about motivations and other such deep things. Everything important is ultimately about individual persons/ personages.

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