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On outrage

January 30th, 2018 by Vader

Contrived and relentless outrage is a weapon for an ideological agenda, and an enemy of free speech.

— Thus Jack Fowler

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January 30th, 2018 11:04:20

Bumper Sticker
January 30, 2018

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

Bumper Sticker Owner
January 30, 2018

And you must be a racist. And a misogynist.

A Random associate of Vader
January 30, 2018

The hate is swelling in you now. Take your weapon. Use it. You foes are unarmed. Strike them down with it. Give in to your anger. With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant.

Good! Use your aggressive feelings. Let the hate flow through you!

Good, I can feel your anger. Take your weapon. Strike your enemies down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!

January 30, 2018

His Majesty is, of course, rather more nuanced than the Hollywood depiction.

For that matter, so is my son.

January 31, 2018

Honest question: Is there righteous outrage? Must we be Harvey Milquetoasts until The Day when the Lord gives full vent to His anger? Vengence is His, of course, but are we allowed to get at least a little verbally animated?

The progressives are almost always the first to accuse. You can get an idea of what they are up to by what they accuse their opposition of doing. Sort of like the adulterous husband who falsely accuses his wife of cheating so that her future (correct) claims of his cheating will appear to others to be mere retribution.

When progressives accuse conservatives of outrageous behavior, you can bet your bottom dollar that the progressives are doing things even more outrageous. Progressives count on decency and a short memory in others.

What is being formally and officially taught to small children, teens, and young adults in schools is particularly outrageous.

Miriam Grossman describes some of the progressive soul-destroying, psyche-destroying, emotion-destroying, and society-destroying behavior/programs in her book “You’re Teaching My Child What?”, also summarized in this lecture on youtube: 0IeKSCHXs-0
(Copy paste that and search for it on yutube. I don’t want to direct link. Or just search for “you’re teaching my child what?” on youtube.

Or check out the gender-bending sexual confusion-causing sex-experimentation-promoting programs that “mass resistance . org” (take out spaces) is documenting in high schools. Be forewarned, there are images there you can’t forget, but will want to.

Assuming Dr. Grossman and Mass Resistance dot org are not lying, then yeah, if you are not outraged, you haven’t been paying attention; or else you’re working for the dark side.

I used to be taken in by the argument of “consenting adults”. But it is now clear to me that the proponents of the “consenting adults” argument have long been brain-washing children K through 12, through post-grad. They are _making_ people consent; brainwashing the young, and coercing those adults who escaped the brain-washing.

January 31, 2018
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