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The Parable of the Repeated Judgment

January 12th, 2018 by The Junior Ganymede

Not so long ago, and not so far away, there was a judge. This judge was very wise, very fair. He feared God and tried his best to seek God’s help to work out people’s problems. People from all over would bring this judge their disagreements so that he could resolve them.

Then one day two women came to him with two babies. One of the babies was alive; one of the babies was dead. One of the women explained. These two women lived in the same house. Each them gave birth to a baby boy, within three days of each other. Nobody but the mothers could tell the babies apart. One night, one of the babies died.

When the women woke up in the morning, the woman with the dead baby accused the other of taking her baby: “During the night, you saw that your baby had died, so you put him next to me and took mine!” Of course, the other woman denied it. Each woman said that her baby was the live one. And nobody else could tell the babies apart, so they came to the judge.

The people were very puzzled. One of these women was lying. Even worse, she was being selfish and cruel. But which one? And how could anyone tell?

The judge listened very carefully. Then he thought for a long time. Finally he spoke. “Bring me a sword,” he said. “Cut the live baby in half so that each woman can have half of it.”
When the judge said this, one of the women said, “yes; divide it and we can each have half.”

But the other woman wept and pleaded with the judge to let the baby live. “She can have the baby, but please don’t kill him,” she begged.

The judge heard this and told the people to give the baby to the second woman, because she was the true mother.

The people were amazed at the judge’s wisdom and saw that he could tell who the true mother was because he knew that the true mother would rather give her child away than have it harmed. What a stroke of genius! The people said. But the judge knew that it was not genius, but inspiration from God that had spoken through him.

The moral of this story is that God will grant us wisdom and inspire our minds. He will speak to man.

But the very next day, two other women came to the judge. Their story was the same as the women before them. This time, the judge called for a sword and decreed that the baby should be cut in half. But both of the women had heard what happened the day before, so they both pleaded that, rather than cut the baby in half, the judge would give the baby to the other woman, as long as he could live. The judge did not know what to do.

And the moral of that story is that yesterday’s inspiration may not be adequate for today, so we must always seek additional, current, light.

-Guest Post from JRL in AZ

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January 12th, 2018 12:31:04

Bruce Charlton
January 13, 2018

Very good!

January 13, 2018

The margins always tend to creep.

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