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Hypothetical Dialogue.

November 08th, 2017 by Bookslinger

Another in the prayer series. Following up from here and here.

Petitioner: Lord, may we/I please have X? 

Lord: a) You can’t (presently) handle X.
          b) You haven’t yet qualified for X.
          c) There are no X available. What you have now is the best available.
          d) All the X are currently being used elsewhere, where they are needed more.
          e) X is not ready for you.
          f) What you have now is actually better, or needed more, than X.
          g) What happened the last time I gave you X? Or A, B and C?
          h) What’s X worth to you?
          i) And what are you going to do with X?
          j) X is not what you think it is.
          k) What’s wrong with what you have now?
          l) What are _you_ doing to bring about or obtain X?
          m) There is no X.
          n) Good. I was waiting for you to ask.

X could be a thing or things,  conditions, situations, or even a person or people. 

With most of my prayer, I’m not sure which answers/responses are “true” responses, and which are my imagination. But those are some things that have come to my mind.

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November 08th, 2017 21:06:06

November 9, 2017

I seem to get the “Dad” answer a lot:

“Sure! Go get it!”


November 9, 2017

Lord: What kind of “X” specifically?
Me: Uh . . .

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