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The Tragic Cycle of Mankind

October 10th, 2017 by G.

“It is ever so with the things that Men begin: there is a frost in Spring, or a blight in Summer, and they fail of their promise.”


The tragic cycle of  mankind is to rise and to fall.  A group hears God and follows principles of righteousness, the principles that bring deep prosperity and strength.

Men who are strong and rich become proud and cease to seek.  Means become ends, prosperity and strength become the goals in themselves, and for awhile prosperity and strength continue and even increase.  But they are shallow.  The deep roots of prosperity are being sold out to maintain a bubble prosperity today.  Men grow wicked.

Then the Gods of the Copybook Headings return.  Natural disasters occur.  Some little spark somewhere, and the whole thing blazes up.

Those who remain are poor and weak.

In their chastened state, they sometimes just fade away.  We tend to think that recovery and a return to the cycle is inevitable, but that is because we are heirs to the survivors of the cycle.   It’s a selection effect.  Those societies that survive are the ones that rediscover virtue and the messengers God sends.

“Yet seldom do they fail of their seed.  And that will lie in the dust and rot to spring up again in times and places unlooked for.”


Repentance in prosperity is the only way to break the cycles.

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October 10th, 2017 07:30:05

Bruce Charlton
October 10, 2017

I don’t think that cycles are the main thing in life.

In the ultimate sense, each human life is unique, and divinely designed to meet the needs of that person (in so far as is possible).

In another sense, known history is linear and unrepeating – although within the long span some features recur in sequence.

But the civilisations differ very profoundly in terms of the consciousness (the experience, the world view) of Men.

(Compare Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Western Roman, Byzantine, Medieval West European, Renaissance, Industrial Revolution… profound differences in the spirit of each age.)

In particular, our situation here and now, as Men of The West, is in its essence unique in human history.

We cannot go back, neither can we stay, nor can we follow our present trajectory. None of these are physically possible; and this fact indicates that our destiny is spiritual not physical – we must follow the spirit to find the physical path.

Ivan Wolfe
October 10, 2017

I can’t recall where I read this, but it put the cycle of humanity like this:
Hard times create strong men.
Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men.
Weak men create hard times.

Marriage is a Quest
October 26, 2017

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