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That Kind of Trust

September 12th, 2017 by G.

... Christ: Do you know the way to Emmaus? - The United Methodist Church

Elder Packer refers to “that kind of trust which makes it possible to talk of serious, even sacred things.”

Truth is that which gets through to the soul. It is not an objective evaluation of the accuracy of a statement (though it is related). It comes from relationships and kindness, though on the road to Emmaus, a stranger fell in with two men, called them fools, then explained the scriptures to them and their hearts burned within them. It comes from inner conviction. It comes from what you might call “outer conviction,” which is sense that you sometimes have that even the stones would cry out if they could. When you are truly speaking of serious, even sacred things, trust is created.

Our media and social media todays are full of that angry earnestness that is not serious. Strenuous anger is no substitute for truth.

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