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The Navajo and the Englishwoman

September 07th, 2017 by G.

On the sweetness of Mormon life.

On your plane, a little behind and across from you, you see a Mormon missionary.  He looks American Indian.  His seatmate, from her accent, is a weatherbeaten Englishwoman.  He struggles to talk.  Can he have been so old-school in his tribe that he didn’t learn English until he was older, you wonder?  You can only pick up snippets of conversation, but you do hear him say that he has not seen his family for 2 years and later, very earnestly, that it was an honor to serve.

On exit, you fall in next to him.  He is Navajo.  He talks haltingly because he has spent two years in Peru without speaking a word of English.  He isn’t familiar with air ports so you point out where the baggage claim will be and explain that his family isn’t there at debarcation because they aren’t allowed, they will be further along.  You thank him for serving the Lord and leave him when you get to the family.  They are healthy and happy and numerous, all driven out the 3 hours from Window Rock.

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September 07th, 2017 06:39:06

September 7, 2017

That is pretty great.

September 7, 2017

My little brother’s coming back from his mission in the Philippines in less than two weeks, and from all indications he’s also going to struggle with English when he arrives. After all, he’s been speaking three different languages (and at least two dialects) for two years and a month – it’d be more surprising if he didn’t have trouble remembering English.
He, too, felt that it was an honor to serve, which was why he accepted a request from his mission president to extend his mission by another month.
We’re looking forward to seeing him again, though; he’s been much missed.

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