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Summer of Love, 50th Anniversary.

August 25th, 2017 by Bookslinger

So, … how has that Sexual Revolution thing worked out?  It’s been 50 years, about two generations, so there should be plenty of data.

Are single people happier now than then?  Married people? 

Is the marriage rate up or down?  Is the divorce rate up or down?  Is the age of (first) marriage up or down?  Has the change in age of marriage impinged on fertility rate (by giving married women fewer years to procreate their desired number of children)?  Are women trying to extend their childbearing years, or are they producing their desired number of children “in time”?

Do more people now regret getting married/having kids too soon, or regret getting married/having kids too late?

Among those who have had multiple pre-marital sex partners, when/if they do get married what is their attitude toward their various pre-marital relationships? Do they see those as wasted years, or necessary “comparison shopping”, or just normal “par for the course”, or as some sort of triumph?

Is the birth/fertility rate up or down?  Is the fertility rate at least at the replacement level?

Is the percentage of out-of-wedlock births up or down?  Is the percentage of singe-parent/absent-father households up or down?  What are the results of more children being raised without a father present?  How do those children do in terms of mental health, crime, drug use, marriage rate, fertility rate, divorce rate?

What are the affects of pre-marital sex (with persons who are not the future spouse, and with the future spouse) on marriage rate, age at marriage, fertility rate, marriage duration, divorce rate, and overall mental health and life satisfaction?

Is sexual abuse of children up or down?  Is non-sexual abuse up or down?   How does childhood abuse affect future mental health, crime rate, drug abuse, age at marriage, marriage rate, fertility rate, marrage duration/divorce rate?

Is the incidence of STDs up or down?  Are the incurable STDs up or down?  Has this affected marriage rate and/or fertility rate? Are congenital STDs up or down?

What are the affects of, or correlation to, pornography consumption/exposure in regards to the above stats?

It’s too soon to document the long-term effects of state-sanctioned same sex marriage (hasn’t been a generation yet), but “alternate lifestyles” and paraphilias/kink have been more or less “open” for almost 50 years. So one might ask how that has turned out.

How do swingers/open-marriages compare with monogamous couples in the above stats?

Prior to SSM, how did same-sex couples fare, in terms of household formation/stabilty, mental/physical health, drug abuse, crime/violence etc.?

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