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The Shepherd’s Wolves

August 24th, 2017 by Patrick Henry

A shepherd was tired of chasing strays from his large flocks. Exemplary punishment was needed, he decided. He ordered his dogs to kill the next sheep who strayed. But his dogs had been raised from puppies with the flocks. They tucked their tails and slunk away and would not.

At this, the shepherd recalled that he himself, the master, not only had to toil chasing strays but also in butchering the sheep to eat, again because the dogs also would not do this simple task.

The next day he dismissed the sheep dogs and sent out to hire bands of wolves. They were happy to perform the butchery for a share of meat, and more than happy to kill sheep who strayed.

But after a time, the shepherd noticed that the number of sheep who strayed had increased. At least, the number of sheep who had been killed and eaten had increased, and his wolves assured him that they had all been strays.

He thought not, and with a great deal of effort and secret watching at midnight when he would rather be asleep, the shepherd saw that some wolves were simply preying on the flock. He called in the pack leaders and with strenuous threats on the one hand and offers of more sheep flesh for the leaders themselves on the other, convinced them to keep better control over their packs.

They did. With a great deal of scuffles and fights, the packs gradually became obedient and disciplined to their pack leaders’ will.

“At last,” the shepherd thought. “Controlling these wolves has been more toil and more costly than having dogs. But now everything will run smoothly.”

The next day he woke to find his dwelling surrounded by wolves. One of the pack leaders trotted forward. “Everything will run smoothly now without you,” the beast said. “Leave now and your life will be spared. The wolves are sated on sheep flesh and will not molest you.”

Moral: Those who will do anything for pay will do anything for pay.

Inspired by this post.

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August 24th, 2017 06:56:29
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August 24, 2017

Nice couple of twists. I thought this was going elsewhere, both at the third paragraph and at the end.

I was thinking of the opposition-in-all-things angle, and the Philistine/Lamanite-scourge angle.

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