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August 20th, 2017 by G.

Charity is the opposite of entropy.

-heard from a friend

If so, then entropy is a form of fear, or vice versa. Could that be? I can see an argument. Fear, the vice, usually involves selling out one’s own future or other people or virtues in order to hold on to some good. In other words, it is like a non-entropic system that can only be maintained by increasing disorder outside the system.

But love expands the system size, ultimately to take in all that is. At that point, one can no longer strive for a non-entropic system consistent with entropy.

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August 20th, 2017 20:42:25
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Bruce Charlton
August 21, 2017

Entropy can’t be the bottom line, or nothing would ever have happened (but would have been broken down by entropy before it could get going).

And anyway there is zero reason to believe that entropy is fundamental – it is merely part of a model currently used in physics, and the one thing we know about scientific models is that they always turns out to be wrong (that’s what makes them science).

But love is real and primary. If we want to have entropy in our explanation, it has to fit into love.

And love is a polarity – like all primary entities. Only a polarity can be permanent – any one-sided process or tendency will lead to death. Only a polarity can be permanently creative and ordered at the same time.

The polarity of love is that it is a process, and the process has opposite tendencies that can be distinguished but not separated: for example, love requires both difference and similarity; differences must increase with time, and so must similarities; that which is loved should become more free and also more tied. And so on.

If we want to use entropy as a fundamental explanation of reality then, to be coherent, it needs to be regarded as partial; so there *must* also be a polar process towards order; such that the whole is creative and permanent.

That such a polarity is absent from most of science (certainly from my filed – biology) is a defect and distortion in science.

And unipolar fear is indeed socially (and personally) destructive and unsustainable – unless part of a polarity with something like trust/ faith.

But maybe fear is a sin? – something we ought to do without altogether (if, as the Apostle John said, perfect love casteth out fear; then if we loved as we should, then we would not fear).

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