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The Labor of Love

August 15th, 2017 by G.

A man just moved into the ward.  26-foot trailer, second-story apartment.  Eight men showed up ranging from 14 to 60 and we had it unloaded in 1 hour and 15 minutes.  It was hard work.  It was also fun work.  We did a lot of chatting with the new guy about who he was and what his life was about.  And we did a lot of joshing each other.  One guy came straight from his work at a gym and was still wearing his tight little exercise shorts, so he came in for his fair share.  It was all good natured.  Work was done with brotherly love.

That was President Kimball’s theme at one of the Church’s welfare conferences, back in October 1976.  Labor, and love.  Charity is a thing of the spirit, and like all things of the spirit, for true happiness it needs flesh.  Work is that flesh.

One of the most difficult and important acts of love is teaching your children to work.

One other matter. I remember some years ago, a young man and his wife and little children moved to our Arizona community. As we got acquainted with them, he told me of the rigorous youth he had spent as he grew up. He’d had to get up at five and six o’clock in the morning and go out and deliver papers. He’d had to work on the farm, and he’d had to do many things that were still rankling in his soul. Then he concluded with this statement: “My boys are never going to have to do that.” And we saw his boys grow up and you couldn’t get them to do anything. They left off their Church activity and nothing seemed very important to them.

“Thou shalt not be idle,” the Lord said. (D&C 42:42.) Idleness is of the devil, and we are not kind to our children when we become affluent and take from them their labors, their opportunities to serve and to be trained and to do things for themselves and for others.

-thus President Kimball

They say mothers cry at their children’s weddings.  Dads, on the other hand, we get teary eyed when we see a kid cheerfully doing a job they’ve learned to do.  Our bread tastes sweeter than the normal run of homemade bread, because my little girls make it.  My yard has grass my kids cut.

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August 15th, 2017 06:45:38
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August 15, 2017

Thank you for this post. My greatest Mormon experiences have be had while moving or being moved by ward members. Thank God in Heaven for the church’s Priesthood Quorum moving crews.

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