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Vanity versus Pride

August 08th, 2017 by G.

It is not only true that humility is a much wiser and stronger thing than pride.  It is also true that vanity is a much wiser and stronger thing than pride.  Vanity is social–it is almost a kind of comradeship; pride is solitary and uncivilized.

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Self is the gorgon.  Vanity sees it in the mirror of other men and lives.  Pride studies it for itself and is turned to stone.

-thus G.K. Chesteron

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August 08th, 2017 06:59:13

August 8, 2017

As someone who has struggled (and of course struggles still) with both of these, I have somewhat to say on them.

First, that the Accuser can induce a sort of sour-grapes mentality in us regarding the love of God. If we can be made to believe that we do not deserve, or at any rate will not receive the love of God, then it is a step our minds our quite willing to make to believe that we do not need it. Much foolishness follows.

Second, This One Trick You’ve Never Heard (Tempters Hate It!): You get most of the benefits from humility, that you’re reaching for with pride.

August 8, 2017

He is a liar. It cannot be said (or rather, spat), enough, or with enough venom.

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