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Love without Law

July 12th, 2017 by G.

Neither is love without the law in the Lord, and they twain shall become one flesh.

The crisis of our times is a religious crisis.

Christianity is a religion of both Law and Love. . . .

The Progressive ethos can be seen as a commitment to Love perverted by the rejection of Law. When you deny people guidance and declare them free to do whatever they wish, individuals react differently. Some choose to act in harmony with the Law, others choose to follow their baser instincts. Consequences still accrue according to the Law: virtue brings good fortune to oneself and one’s community, vice brings misery. When groups tend toward different choices and then reap the results, the Progressive is in a bind. How to keep denying the Law when its consequences are staring you in the face?

The answer is to double down. No consequence should be explained in terms of the choices that led to it. . . .

There is only so much you can blame on unfavorable conditions before it starts to ring hollow. What if you’ve already heaped every material advantage on the disadvantaged and they still stay behind? If it is not the conditions then it must be the Other holding them down. . . .

So we arrive at the inevitable conclusion. Nothing helps against this sabotaging Other; he must be immensely powerful and irredeemably evil. If the downtrodden are to be helped, the Other must be stopped – destroyed if that’s what it takes.

-thus Contingent, not Arbitrary

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