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God will yet Reveal — the Holy Ghost

July 06th, 2017 by G.

God will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God. Chief among them is the Holy Ghost. We know so little.

Still, I believe that what Joseph Smith and the prophets have already revealed about the Holy Ghost may be the most underrated truths of the Restoration.

In December of 1839, while in Washington, D.C., to seek redress for the wrongs done to the Missouri Saints, Joseph Smith and Elias Higbee wrote to Hyrum Smith: “In our interview with the President [of the United States], he interrogated us wherein we differed in our religion from the other religions of the day. Brother Joseph said we differed in mode of baptism, and the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands. We considered that all other considerations were contained in the gift of the Holy Ghost”

From here.

1. Revelation

Revelation is more than just a scientific method through prayer.  It is an amazing experience, it is life in the soul.  We often talk about the Holy Ghost and revelation is a technical cookbook sort of way.  Do this, and this happens.  Which is fine, God is not above being practical.  But it is the actual experience of the Holy Ghost that is the most transformative, not whatever information it is giving you.

2. The mutual understanding that comes through the Holy Ghost, DC 50.

Loneliness is a plague.   Maybe the modern plague.  .

3. Refining our senses and thoughts and feelings.

The Holy Ghost refines and intensifies our senses and thoughts and feelings.  This does not sound like an unmixed blessing.  More intense feelings can be scary.  But maybe having more intense feelings easier to bear if they are refined, meaning more specific and precise. A vague feeling of sorrow or unease is more distressing than a specific one.  Which is part of the point of “sufficient unto the day” and not taking counsel of your fears.  Children can’t handle emotions well partly because they don’t understand them. Their emotions are more vivid, whereas adults acquire emotions that they understand better but experience less powerfully.  The Holy Ghost  offers the possibility of strong and mature feeling, a combination of adulthood and childhood–“as” but not identical too a little child. Intense emotions, but understood and processed like an adult.

4. Meaning and choice.

The Holy Ghost makes choice and meaningful choice more solid and real.  We are always agents, but the Holy Ghost acts on us to make us more fully experience our agency.

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