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Signs of the times

June 25th, 2017 by Vader

Signs of the times.

  • While I am refueling my vehicle, the clerk running the local station decides she needs a restroom break. Ours is an isolated town remarkable for its low crime rate. She nonetheless feels it necessary to lock up the store while taking her break.
  • Shopping for a new cloak and jackboots at the local CheapMart. The fitting rooms have large signs warning of the severe legal consequences of shoplifting, and a dour woman tags my fitting room with the number of items of apparel I am taking in to try on.
  • A lane of traffic is closed ahead. It soon becomes clear that Tatooine issues drivers’ licenses to people who do not know (or do not care) how to zipper merge.
  • A small forest fire breaks out in the nearby mountains. Air drop of fire retardant is halted for an hour and a half because someone is unlawfully operating a drone in the air traffic pattern. The fire is found to be caused by an abandoned campfire.
  • Anti-natalism is a thing.


  • There is a temple of the Lord even in Mos Eiseley. An elderly handicapped man comes to a certain place in the temple, where yours truly is privileged to assist him in completing the final stage of the endowment ordinance. You reflect that President Hinckley was right to be an optimist.
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