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It’s the Faith that Counts

June 18th, 2017 by G.

From Margaret Gay Judd Clawson’s account of crossing the plains, found in I Walked to Zion, by Susan Arrington Madsen:

One cow in our team was very intelligent; she was so bright that she used to hide in the willows to keep from being yoked up, but when father found her and yoked her, she was a good worker and a good milker. She got very lame at one time and could scarecely travel. My parents were very much worried, having already lost one cow. They were afraid they could not keep up with the company, and so Mother said she would make a poultice and put it on as soon as Bossy lay down for the night. Mother made a very large plaster that covered all the cow’s lame hip. Well, the next morning when Father went to get the cows up, he called out, “Why, Mother, you have poulticed the wrong hip.” Mother said, “Never mind; it’s all right, it has gone clean through;” and sure enough, Bossy limped very little that day and was soon as well as ever. I know there was a great deal of faith mixed up with that poultice.

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