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Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

June 01st, 2017 by Patrick Henry

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June 01st, 2017 19:55:44
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Bruce Charlton
June 2, 2017

My understanding is that this is essentially a consequence of male and female fertility being different measures.

(Even assuming that people are being honest, which is Not something that we can really assume in these kinds of survey.)

The reason is that women are straightforwardly counting how many children they have borne; men are guessing how many children they have fathered.

Men can easily get their guess wrong; either over- or under-estimating. Overestimating in the situation of ‘cuckoldry’, but also under-estimating when they have children of whom they don’t know (or will not admit).

Male fertility estimates would (I expect) sensitively be influenced by average social sexual behaviours – in a mobile and sexually chaotic society with unstable marriages and casual sexual liaisons, men’s fertility is quite likely to be underestimated.

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