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Just as Grim as It Should Be

April 19th, 2017 by G.

Via Rod Dreher

To interpret such visceral hatred, I now think it useful to focus on the revolution part of Sexual Revolution. We might look at previous political revolutions to get some idea of where we’re at as orthodox Christians. American historian Crane Brinton, in his The Anatomy of Revolution, was one of the first to analyze the stages a revolution goes through.

Revolutions are typically won by a coalition of political actors working together. Once victory is clear, there is often a brief “honeymoon period” where it seems to the victorious classes that anything is possible. For obvious reasons, this euphoria wears off quickly. Because it’s not long before those who backed the revolution realize that life goes on much as before: Utopia has not been established on earth. A growing malaise combines with the fact that the revolutionary leaders are used to living in battle mode, and thus comes the predictable next step. Moderates among the leadership are accused of not being radical enough in their policies–“We must not give in to these backsliders!”–a purge takes place, and the radicals take over. The ambient ardor left over from the initial revolution is then refocused on two new tasks: 1) ensuring ideological purity; 2) mopping up what remains of the defeated classes, who are depicted as all that stands in the way of Utopia’s final arrival. Thus begins the Terror. During this immediately post-revolutionary period, wholly new planks are often introduced into the ruling committee’s platform, typically of a more extremist nature than what was originally demanded in the revolution.

If we view the Sexual Revolution through this lens of past political revolution, it’s pretty clear where we are at present. The revolution has been won, sexual Utopia still hasn’t arrived (because, duh, it never can arrive) and the only thing that might keep our successful revolutionaries busy for the next decade is mopping up what remains of those who refused to drink the Rainbow Kool-Aid when it was first served–i.e. us orthodox religious people. Religious conservatives must be mopped up because, according to the logic, it is our mere existence that prevents Utopia’s final arrival.

-thus Eric Mader.

I find myself regretting the end of the end of history.

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April 19th, 2017 20:08:41

April 19, 2017

“During this immediately post-revolutionary period, wholly new planks are often introduced into the ruling committee’s platform, typically of a more extremist nature than what was originally demanded in the revolution.”

Dr. C called this Permanent Revolution:

Bruce Charlton
April 20, 2017

I think there is only a limited amount concerning our current situation which can be learned from past revolutions – we are on new territory; and our society is gripped by something more like insanity than the the power struggles of past revolutions.

It is, indeed, the insanity which develops and increases when a society denies God, indeed denies the non-material realm altogether, and tries to live by alternating between pseudo-rationalistic bureaucracy and gut-feelings.

This situation has never previously existed – just as the mass media has never previously existed in terms of volume, pervasiveness and addictiveness.

I think it is a big red herring to try and understand modern Leftism in terms of the self-interest of its advocates – because *nobody’s* self-interest is served (except in the short term, and narrowly defined) by the triumph of evil.

John Mansfield
April 20, 2017

There’s denial of the spiritual and at the same time denial of much material reality too, leaving only “pseudo-rationalistic bureaucracy and gut-feelings,” as noted.

April 20, 2017

There are historical precedents, but we have mainly the scriptures as the only evidence:
– the few hundred years pre-flood.
– Sodom and Gomorrah.
– Canaan, circa the Exodus.
– the northern Kingdom of Israel, pre-conquest.
– Judah, pre-conquest/exile.
– the Nephites, circa 400 AD.

The BoM doesn’t get into the specifics of what the Nephites’ “wickedness and abominations” were. But for most of the others, idolatry, homosexuality, child sacrifice, and widespread or “ritual” fornication/adultery (groves and asherah) are mentioned in the Bible.

If those are the things which bring societal destruction/punishment from the Lord, then those are apparently what the adversary wants.

According to scripture, what the adversary wants, in the agrregate, is for everyone to be as miserable as he is.

Those things which anciently brought societal destruction, are with us to a large degree today, even child sacrifice. While it may not be on altars built to Baal, they are killed nonetheless.

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