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April 2017 General Conference and Youth Leadership

April 02nd, 2017 by G.

General Conference yesterday was great. Check out Elder Sabin’s talk if you missed. Inspiring and funny. Looking forward to more today.

Something I noticed yesterday was how the gospel synthesizes modern liberalism and conservatism in some ways. For instance, liberalism tells us that youth is great because revolution, the future, reject the dead hand of the past, etc. And because liberalism is all about the latest thing and jumping on fashion trends. Conservatism counsels order, hierarchy, respect for age and wisdom, waiting your turn.

Meanwhile, Elder Brough(?) talked about letting youth lead as much as possible, even though they would be worse at it, because they need the growth.

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April 02nd, 2017 09:10:41

Tom D
April 2, 2017

I agree. Yesterday was another great General Conference. There was so much love and truth expressed. Instead of being liberal or conservative, our leaders appear to be doing their best to be on the Lord’s side.

I am especially grateful to have heard from President Monson last night and this morning. He seems to be working through the infirmities of old age much better than I had thought.

April 2, 2017

One of the things that impressed me in a talk on Marriage by Elder Bednar (not in G Conference, but follow me) was how when there is selfishness, the traits of men and women clash, but where there is unselfishness, the traits of men and women enhance each other.

Perhaps, the same is true of Left and Right. While I do strongly oppose Liberalism, I know many Liberals, and they are good, decent people, as a whole. If we were all loving the Gospel, then the strengths of each party would add to the whole, instead of encouraging the contention we see in politics now.

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