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His Majesty snarks

March 12th, 2017 by Vader

At headlines and other slogans:

Chelsea Clinton Is Not The Great Democratic Hope

“No, but she may be the Republicans’.”

Cast of Game of Thrones looks better out of costume.

“That’s the idea.”

The GOP Repeal Plan Is Pretty Bad

“The Second World War was a bit of a nuisance.”

Female-Owned Bookstore Turns Books by Male Authors Backward for Women’s Month.

“I remember bookstores. They were kind of fun, back before the Internet let me get reviews and sometimes previews of pretty much every book ever published, then purchase them at a great price.”

Marine Le Pen: “France Isn’t Burkinis on the Beach, France is Brigitte Bardot”

“A woman known more for making love than war, who has not aged well. Sounds pretty much spot-on”

American Bar Association Gives Neil Gorsuch Highest Possible Rating For SCOTUS.

“I hope they’re mistaken. Gorsuch was looking very good up until this endorsement.”

‘Full Frontal with Samantha Bee’

“I though psychosurgery was no longer practiced?”

Staggering number of college students using student loans to pay for spring break.

“There are two unnecessary words near the beginning of that sentence.”

Lawyer’s Pants Catch Fire During Florida Arson Trial.

“I’m really hoping he was trained at Hahvard. Because then ‘Lawyer, lawyer, pants on fawyer’ works doubly well.”

Trump says privately second healthcare bill ready as early as next week.

“Meh. I increasingly get a third and even a fourth health care bill following any but the most routine care.”


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