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Predictions for the Next Couple of Years

February 13th, 2017 by Patrick Henry

The media has already mostly spent the last of its credibility openly throwing aside old norms to attack Trump. The effort failed and has failed.

In Berkeley and elsewhere, it appears the Left’s next effort is to organize for political violence. Appearances are deceiving. The Left’s next effort is actually nullification and judicial supremacy. The organized violence is actually just symbolic or ritual violence to give the actual decision makers cover to try to suppress the Right. Or else the violence is actually at the behest of local powers. Recall that the mayor of Berkeley gave a de facto call to arms before the rioting started and then ordered the police to stand down. There will be more of this.

Similarly, there will be more judicial assertions of final executive authority, as with the recent 9th Cir. ruling. It is to be hoped that they push it far enough that they discredit themselves.

Actual political violence would only come after that.

Related predictions:

A state judiciary will try to defy a pro-Trump Supreme Court ruling. In other words, the first “Justice Marshall has made his opinion. Now let him enforce it” moment will come not from the President, but from a state judge.

Blue states will increase the inquisition and attacks on Christians, rightists, normals, etc. Because if you feel threatened from outside, you absolutely cannot tolerate any doubtful loyalties on the inside.

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February 13th, 2017 15:30:41
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Ugly Mahana
February 13, 2017

State governments may also seek a de facto separation by limiting trade trade between state, contra the true intent of the commerce clause. This will take the form of enhanced travel bans, such as those proposed against Indiana and North Carolina.

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