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War by Other Means

February 08th, 2017 by Man SL

Some say that democracy is war by other means.  Some say that immigration is invasion by other means.  There is some truth to both.

There is some truth to accusing the great and good in this country of importing foreign mercenaries to overcome their own people.  They have been quite explicit about it.  “The Coming Democratic Majority.”  This is why, though a healthy polity would be obsessed with the appalling collapse of birth rates that we have experienced, ours is not.  Those in charge are not discontent to see their enemies dwindle, especially if it makes a rationale for importing more troops.

More than 30 million of Obama’s votes came from people who arrived under the Hart-Cellar act; fewer than 10 million of Romney’s did.

-from here (link is not endorsement).

Related: sickle cell analysis shows that roughly 40% of all children born in France have two North African or Sub-Saharan African parents.  75% in Paris.

An observer from Mars would quickly and uncontroversially assume that the West was in the middle of demographic replacement.


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