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Dear Media: stop calling ’em protesters.

February 03rd, 2017 by Bookslinger

When they break things or assault people, they’re rioters.

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February 03rd, 2017 12:12:51

Bruce Charlton
February 3, 2017

I heard there was *one* arrest… that’s what happens when rioters are called/ regarded as protesters.

If there were rioters there would have been scores of arrests, mostly charged – there is something like a 95-99% deficiency here – ie somebody/s in power wanted the riots and the police were told to stand and watch.

(The same happened in the massive London Race Riots of August 2011 which closed the UK capital down for several nights, but has now been shoved down the memory hole – in some of the worst incidents there were no arrests at all.)

Actually the Berkeley are worse than rioters – they are semi-official/ deniable (funded, organised, uniformed) mobs.

Isn’t the US slang for it ‘goons?’.

el oso
February 3, 2017

The goons are out in California. I would love to see what happens if a “spontaneous” protest turns into a riot in a more law and order state. A few arrests of the masked hoodlums and maybe a well funded organization can be taken down.

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