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A less than healthy elite

December 13th, 2016 by Jeeves

I have had occasion to reflect on Lord Vader’s historical ruminations vis-a-vis Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman.

It happens that one of my great-great-uncles was privileged to serve as butler to the right honorable gentleman. It is thus a matter of family lore both that the gentleman never let go a servant who had served him faithfully and that the gentleman’s character and his eccentricity were equally of magnificent proportions.

I am struck by the contrast provided by a passage later in the book from which Lord Vader was quoting.

… Then one evening after dinner, William suffered a personal blow. The ladies “in full evening dress with all their jewels, the gentlemen in green or black swallowtails … were assembled in the Great Hall of the Castle, with a band playing on the staircase. Suddenly, Count Hülsen-Haeseler appeared in pink ballet skirts with a rose wreath and began to dance to the music.” General Count Hülsen-Haeseler, a friend of the Kaiser’s since boyhood, and Chief of the Military Cabinet, had performed in this manner before. “It is an unusual experience to see a Chief of the Military Cabinet capering about in the costume of a lady of the ballet,” said a new member of the Kaiser’s suite. Exhausted by his pirouettes, the Count stopped, bowed — and the sagged to the floor. The Castle was in pandemonium; a doctor worked over the stricken dancer; Princess von Fürstenberg sat in a chair and wept; the Kaiser paced frantically up and down. After an hour and a half, the Count was pronounced dead of heart failure. Rigor mortis had set in and only with great difficulty was the General’s body stripped of its tutu and dressed in proper military uniform.

If I may say so, I find this a wonderful illustration of the contrast Lord Vader’s sirdar drew between the eccentricity of a healthy elite and one descending into desuetude.

My pleasure, sir.


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December 13th, 2016 10:25:31

Pecos Bill
December 13, 2016

I reckon I see yer point. It seems right clear the feller warn’t but a tetch plum loco in his cogitations. Taint natcheral, that sort o’ carryin’ on.

But I can’t reckon how so sissified an elite put up such a dadgum cussed fight a few years later.

Mayhaps they figgered they had somethin’ to prove?

Mike Fink
December 13, 2016

That’s nothing. I can dance en pointe for a full hour with one leg tied behind my back and a full left coronary occlusion without even getting out of breath.

December 13, 2016

Yes, but why would you want to?

Victoria Regina
December 13, 2016

We are not amused.

Chuck Norris
December 13, 2016

Mike Fink doesn’t suffer heart attacks.

Heart attacks suffer Mike Fink.

Bertie W.
December 13, 2016

I, on the other hand, am dashed rofling.

December 13, 2016

Far be it from me to disagree with the kindly guiding spirit of our little club, but it seems to me that these anecdotes suggest nothing more than that Germans aren’t right in the head.

December 14, 2016

“only with great difficulty was the General’s body stripped of its tutu and dressed in proper military uniform.”

In our enlightened times, we’re headed the other direction:

Harvard Safety Director
December 14, 2016

Why would they undress zim? Did they remember to ask zis gender pronoun before undressing zim?

December 14, 2016

Did they ask zis consent?

December 14, 2016

It seems to me quite easy to pierce this whole fraud once one asks “where comes your authority”?

The very existence of the left is one of rebellion against authority, and so it has none. The immorality of the elite is of the same impossibility and contradiction. Why do so many take them seriously? It’s like debating with mosquitos.

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