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The Bee in the Hive

September 01st, 2016 by G.

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A certain swarm of bees was led by a foolish queen to a location just on the side of small waterfall. One bee argued that early next spring when the waters swelled, the hive would be washed away. But most of the swarm shared the queen’s folly. Accordingly the bees built the hive alongside the falling water.

Though the setting was lush and gave the hive ready access to water and pollen, the nearness to the waterfall had attendant inconveniences also. Foremost among these inconveniences was the occasional spray that moistened the hive and occasioned many repairs.

The foresightful bee who had warned about the next year’s floods had worked with extra diligence to strengthen and water-proof her small portion of the hive, in preparation for the coming disaster. These preparations also protected against the sprays. While other bees were frantically working to make repairs, the foresightful bee was able to continue about her business in peace.

But in the spring, when the floods came, the whole hive was washed away.

Moral: Against the folly of a nation, personal foresight and prudence can only do so much.

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September 01st, 2016 08:32:01

September 1, 2016

Masterful, G. Another bullseye.

Family prayer, scripture study, FHE, etc. are of course necessary but now likely insufficient to prevent the destruction of our families, communities, and nations. I don’t know how 15 mins of daily family scripture study and prayer, and two hours of FHE and three hours of church per week are supposed to compete with the 6 hours daily of public schooling that I subject my kids to.

Ivan Wolfe
September 2, 2016

“the 6 hours daily of public schooling that I subject my kids to.”
(and the endless hours of pop music, shows on TV, movies, etc.)

My wife and I have two kids together that are both under 5. Our other kids from our first marriages are well into public schools (in my case, I have no control over the schooling for the kids from the first marriage, since they only live with me some weekends and holidays and for her kids, they’re graduated or very close).

We’ve decided public schooling is a really bad idea. We have her kids going to a very LDS dominated charter school, but even there too much of the world is creeping in. We’re going to be making some tough decisions and taking a financial hit to to do it, but we’re 95% sure we’re homeschooling the two kids under 5.

September 2, 2016

Ivan I just wanted to post that your decision is truly commendable. Not necessarily to home school – great if you do. But just the mere fact of being an agent to act one way or another with regard to your children. We miss so much when we just let the modern bureaucratic approach to life make our decisions for us simply when we hit a certain age or live in a certain area. Taking a step back and being prepared to make a real decision, not just lip service brings power to our actions.

Now let me put a plug in for home school. Name me any great American, religious leader, or historical figure and the vast vast majority did not go through anything like our school system . It doesn’t produce greatness, but aims for sameness. And the tragic thing is these days the sameness the culture is seeking is not what we want to follow. At least back when the schools were trying to be great by teaching us sameness with great individuals from history while also focusing on practical matters like math science etc we were supporting foundations of society. Now, I have no idea what were supposed to be transforming the next generation into.

September 6, 2016

@ GSO: “Now, I have no idea what were supposed to be transforming the next generation into.”
As far as I can tell, American culture wants nothing so much as to transform them all into compliant consumers. A truly worthy goal to resist with all our might.

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