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When the inconsequential becomes consequential

October 11th, 2015 by Vader

It was Fast and Testimony Meeting in my ward today. I normally sit towards the back, where all the Class C medical devices I’m wrapped in are a bit less of a distraction for my fellow Saints.

It turns out that there was something wrong with the audio system. The bishop explained this, but I didn’t catch the full explanation, because I was in the back and he was trying to project his voice across a large chapel without electronic aid.

The service started. The usual announcements were made, but I didn’t catch many of them, because at about this time the usual families arrived late and bustled in to sit down. I never noticed before how much of a racket it is for a family with children to walk into a room and sit down, even when they aren’t talking.

The opening prayer was offered. I didn’t catch it, either, because at about that point a nearby child began pounding on his metal folding chair with a crayon.

There was more business. Someone received a calling. I caught enough to feel comfortable raising my hand to sustain, but only barely, because at about that point a two-year-old boy two rows up began throwing a tantrum. His father promptly took him out, but I missed a little more of the meeting.

Eventually a fix was made and I was able to hear most of the rest of the meeting. In particular, I was able to hear the sacrament prayers, which is what really matters. We promise to keep His commandments and remember Him. He promises in turn to remember us, by sending His Holy Spirit.

The families arriving late; the child being a bit irreverent; the young agitprop; these are normally inconsequential. The sound system ensures that the voice of the bishop will still come through clearly. When the sound system goes out, suddenly these things interfere enough that you strain to hear the voice of the bishop. They become consequential.

Our experience of mortality is a lot like that.

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October 11th, 2015 15:08:10

October 11, 2015

Dr. S., with whom G is acquainted, got up in F&T meeting today. The Spirit and her knowlege of the gospel helped her communicate with parents of three children who didn’t survive their injuries last week.

Bruce Charlton
October 12, 2015

The question is – should this post, or should it not, be tagged On the Sweetness of Mormon Life?

October 12, 2015

I debated. You’ve tipped my decision.

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