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Hat tip to Ben Carson’s #iamaChristian.

October 03rd, 2015 by Bookslinger

Generally, I don’t like to jump on memes and follow a crowd.  I don’t like fads. I don’t like cheap shows of support or solidarity. If I participate in a meme, it has to be something I already believe in, and it has to be something that I can sincerely encourage others to do that is also for their good.  

‘Sides, being a “witness for Christ at all times and in all places”  is a good thing. In the gospel, actions are required in addition to words, but words are still required as part of testimony and witness.

I don’t know if Ben Carson started the #IamaChristian meme/tag, but his photo seems to be in the news.

 Ben Carson, #iamaChristian 

In response to the recent Oregon shooter killing Christians but only wounding others,  I’d like to suggest another meme to pair with it.  Let the limp-wristed panty-waists howl.


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October 03rd, 2015 11:20:51
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October 3, 2015

If a shooter targets gays or Jews or blacks, that would be the lead in the story. In the Oregon shooting, that lead gets buried because the perp was targeting Christians.

The steady drumbeat of hatred directed against Christians, the blaming of them for every historic evil from slavery to abuse of women, is bearing its inevitable fruit, especially among the target audience of millennials. And the mass media doesn’t see the connection.

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