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Getting rid of marriage

September 19th, 2015 by Zen

Alabama is getting government out of marriage entirety. I am wary of how wise this is, though it is amusing to see the knee-jerk reactions from the Left condemning it. 

It is now merely a contract, that you happen to file with the government. Well meaning, perhaps, but it does little for the sanctity of marriage.

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September 19th, 2015 00:25:26

September 19, 2015

This side issue is moslty irrelevant. The issue of gay marriage is not about allowing gays to marry, or promoting marriage among gays. (Though a degree of monogamy, no matter how temporary, among gay couples would have a public health side benefit. But then homosexual unions/marriages are not generally known for monogamy. Promiscuity is part and parcel of male homosexuality; monogamous gay men are the rare exceptions, not the rule; male homosexual marriages are mostly “open marriages”.)

The issue of gay marriage, at its core, is to obtain and maintain societal acceptance, “respect”, for homosexual behavior.

The only relevance I see here is that Alabama is attempting to lower the “respect” of _all_ marriages, but the gay advocates are not willing to give up an inch of ground even while maintaing legal parity with traditional heterosexual couples.

It is important to remember that the crowd insisting that gay marriage is an essential _right_ is the same crowd that insisted for decades that marriage was “just a piece of paper”. This illustrates Bruce Charlton’s point that the forces of nihilism will pick up and lay down as needed any weapon that suits their overall long term agenda.

Free-range Oyster
September 19, 2015

it does little for the sanctity of marriage

It occurs to me that government cannot sanctify marriage; only we can do that, through the grace of our Saviour. If we are living worthily, magnifying our covenants, loving our spouse and our Lord with all our hearts, and setting a righteous if imperfect example, it becomes largely irrelevant what any bureaucrat has to say on the matter of a marriage’s sanctity.

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