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Birthrates Continue to Drop

December 08th, 2014 by Man SL

For the sixth year in a row, the American birthrate has reached a new low.

Most economic statistics are lies.  We will know that the real economy has finally turned around when the birthrate starts to rise again.

We will know that the pack of harpies and sillies that make up our national media and political classes has been replaced by real people when this gets more discussion than an obese guy dying in New York after being choked out while resisting arrest.

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December 08th, 2014 08:36:22
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Bruce Charlton
December 8, 2014

The way that this subject is discussed is itself conclusive evidence of the deep – fatal – spiritual malaise which leads to sub-replacement fertility in a context of what is (by world historical standards) gross material excess – in which one percent of of children die instead of sixty-plus percent.

Biologically there is no recession, and has been no recession for several generations.

Demographers are not scientists, as can be seen in the way they assume against *all* the evidence that humans are interchangeable units, and their supply can be turned on and off like ‘a faucet’.

And they are immoral too – in talking about people in that way.

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