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Well this complicates things

August 06th, 2014 by Zen

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August 06th, 2014 10:11:34

August 6, 2014

It was my impression we all had African roots.

Gordon Prange
August 6, 2014

Clio, muse of history, has a mordant sense of humor.

August 6, 2014

And how!

Maria Schicklgruber
August 8, 2014

That appears to be an incorrect summary of the actual data. See the “DNA” paragraph under the infogalactic entry for Alois Hitler. key part:

Mulders confirmed the misinterpretation of his research with the following statement to Family Tree DNA: “I never wrote that Hitler was a Jew, or that he had a Jewish grandfather. I only wrote that Hitler’s haplogroup is E1b1b, being more common among Berbers, Somalian people and Jews than among overall Germans. This, in order to convey that he was not exactly what during the Third Reich would have been called ‘Aryan.’ All the rest are speculations of journalists who didn’t even take the trouble to read my article, although I had it translated into English especially for this purpose.”

David "Zen" Foster
August 8, 2014

Thanks for the attention to detail, Maria!

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