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The Holy Ghost

August 06th, 2014 by G.

Image a room in your house where God dwells.

You go there to study your scriptures. Sometimes he comments on what you are reading. But mostly you go there just to be there. Imagine that you are like an apprentice studying in your master’s study while he goes about his own work.

Imagain another room in your house where God dwells. You and yours go there to eat. You dress nicely and carry on with manners because He is there. But because He is there, you aren’t stiff and formal. He is jovial and so are you. He says a kind word now and then, but mostly He smiles on the company.

A general authority just came out to visit us. He told us repeatedly to dedicate our homes as a place where the Holy Ghost is at home.

In normal Mormon thinking, the Holy Ghost works to confirm truth. You have an idea, the Holy Ghost acts on you to confirm it. Or it whispers some principle to you.

But what if the Holy Ghost’s presence wasn’t just a witness of truth but was the experience of Truth itself?

When the Holy Ghost is in you, you are in the presence of a God. In a sense, you are a God.

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August 06th, 2014 10:38:35
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August 6, 2014

When you receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, you are brought back into the presence of a member of the Godhead. It is a partial redemption from the Fall.

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