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So long, Tuco.

June 25th, 2014 by Bookslinger

Eli Wallach, who played the “Ugly” in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, alongside Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef, passed on.

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June 25th, 2014 09:43:50

Mogollon Monster
June 25, 2014

Oo-wee-oo-wee-ooo … ooo-woo-woo …

June 25, 2014

In other news, Terry Richards, which you may remember as the Swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark, all just passed. No word if it was from a gun injury.


John Mansfield
June 26, 2014

So, the bandit chief outlived all but one of the Seven. I saw an interview with him recalling filming the Magnificient Seven, and it was remarkable that the man who played Calvera so well was really an almost stereotypical Brooklyn Jew. He said the Mexican cast of bandits took him riding in the hills for a couple of days, getting him comfortable on the horse, and then were very protective of him during the production.

June 26, 2014

As much as I like the Magnicifent Seven, it doesn’t hold a candle to the “original” upon which it was based, The Seven Samurai.

Speaking of which, it and the “Samurai Trilogy” (of which The Seven Samurai is not a part) belongs in everyone’s movie collection.

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