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May 23rd, 2014 by Vader

I was listening to NPR this morning.  

Now, that is not something I would likely ever choose to do.  However, His Majesty is rather fond of NPR. (He is an evil Sith Lord, after all.) So I have to endure it occasionally over breakfast.

There was a story about how “far Right” parties are making electoral gains in Europe.

Now, I understand that Right and Left are not quite the same thing in Europe as in the United States. For one, both seem to be more sinister there. For another, while Right and Left in the United States seem to be about how large a role the government should play in different aspects of human affairs, in Europe they seem to be about whose totalitarianism is preferable. So perhaps the parties being described as “far Right” by NPR are, in fact, scary.

But, so far as I could tell from the story, what qualified a party as “far Right”, in the eyes of NPR was that it was against open immigration and skeptical of the European Union.

That ain’t far anything, in my book. I am a moderate on immigration, or at least have not been able to make up my mind, but I am profoundly skeptical of the European Union. But then, I’m an evil Sith Lord, too, so maybe it’s a given that I’m far right myself.

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May 23rd, 2014 09:40:10
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Bruce Charlton
May 23, 2014

The problem is that there is not really any such thing as a secular Right Wing party – and all these parties are secular – what makes the ‘Right’ (in the eyes of the Mass media) is either being anti-Politically Correct Left, or being a Nationalist party for a disapproved nation.

So, the Scottish Nationalist Party are a socialist party (who runs the devolved Scottish Government – who are anti-English, so they are ‘good’ to the Mass media, and the same applies to the Welsh and (especially) Irish Nationalist parties, because they too are anti-English.

However, the British and English) Nationalist parties are regarded as evil – because the Mass Media hates England.

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