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Hobbes is Real

May 16th, 2014 by G.

Of course Hobbes is real. Calvin and Hobbes is not the story of one kid’s tragic psychoses that lead to him beating himself up, e.g., to maintain his delusions. It’s a story about the thin dividing line between reality and imagination. In Hobbes case the line is crossed.

Hobbes is like hobbits–he is evidence that not everything from beyond the fields we know has to be eerie or eldritch. It is in this sense, and probably only in this sense, that Calvin and Hobbes could be considered a Mormon comic.

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May 16th, 2014 09:04:22

May 16, 2014

If every human being ceased to exist, would Hobbes still exist?

If every human being ceased to exist, would God still exist?

Of course, if the latter is the case (God still exists) then the former becomes problematic, since God remembers Hobbes.

The question of the existence of God is vitally important for many reasons. One of the reasons is that asking the question requires each of us to acknowledge that something may exist outside the cave of his own mind.

(And, lest there be any misunderstand, I am quite sure God would continue to exist even if every human mind were somehow snuffed out.)

May 16, 2014

I believe in Bigfoot. I know people who claim to have seen them.

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