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The Logic of Perpetual Immigration

March 31st, 2014 by Man SL

From the proprietor of the Handle’s Haus blog:

This is the logic of perpetual immigration. It seems almost Marxist in the ‘self-destructive cycles of Capital seeking foreign markets’ manner.

1. To work hard for meager compensation, someone must be born and raised in circumstances within a hand’s breadth of starvation.
2. But we have made ourselves rich and achieved the goal of ensuring that no one here is raised within a hand’s breadth of starvation.
3. But that means none of our nation’s children will work hard for meager compensation! That work ethic cannot be taught at school, it must be lived in one’s formative years.
4. But there is plenty of that near-starvation abroad, with peasants who were harshly trained by impoverished circumstances to work hard for peanuts.
5. So we will import them here, to make them our Helots.
6. But then their children will grow up in our rich system, beneficiaries of the apparatus that ensures no one will grow up within a hand’s breadth of starvation.
7. So we must go on importing, generation after generation.

Alas, the children of helots, who are sometimes not fit for anything other than helot work, when brought up without the requisite hard-life-trained work ethic to conduct that helot work, tend to participate in … less socially optimal behavior patterns. The population fraction consisting of ruined-helots and the magnitude of the challenge of dealing with the resulting consequences, therefore, is destined to increase.

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March 31st, 2014 00:33:35

Bruce Charlton
March 31, 2014

I think it is more a matter of ‘excuses for’ rather than logic when it comes to justifying perpetual uncontrolled mass immigration. The real motivation is destructive.

Joseph Hertzlinger
April 6, 2014

“The real motivation is destructive.”

I’m reminded of pro-“choice” activists who claim similar telepathic abilities.

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