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Brief History and Analysis of Mormonism.

March 22nd, 2014 by Bookslinger

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March 22nd, 2014 10:02:56

March 22, 2014

Professor Doctor Charlton is a genius. A genius, I tell you.

Adam G.
March 23, 2014

Charming and enlightening.

Bruce Charlton
March 23, 2014

@Books – Commenter Thursday does not agree with you evaluation. At the Orthosphere he said about me – “He’s a fellow who has just missed out on genius, and is rather resentful about it. That’s part of the problem.”

I think “The problem” he meant was my unfortunate positivity towards Mormonism.

So – opinion is divided: genius or embittered not-quite-genius.

I must say it is a grossly flattering debate, whichever way it turns out!

But I do know a real genius – the psychiatrist David Healy – and I am a long way below him, at most a disciple. In particular, I only work about 10 percent as hard as him. (Actually 10 percent is an exaggeration.)

I tend to regard myself as at best a Patagonian Shakespeare, as in the old joke:

The Patagonians have two poets. The better one they call “The Patagonian Shakespeare”.

el oso
March 23, 2014

Now this is what I lurk (and occasionally comment) around the Mormon blogs looking for! And this is not an outline for your thesis or for a peer reviewed journal article? Or, maybe it is and I just got an advanced electronic copy. Living in the US bible belt, many of the religious leaders around here would go absolutely bananas about your mormon-loving insights. They would also get very defensive, but probably would have trouble defending themselves on many of the points you raise.
I was going to quote selected highlights, but I do not have 20 minutes to compose only the best. Once again, great work.

el oso
March 23, 2014

One follow-up question. You mentioned about churches being female dominated or male dominated and no long-term in between. Can you give a recent example(s) of churches that have made the transition, or that have tried and then failed? I have seen female dominated chuches on the congregation level, but do not know if the wider movement is like that or not.

Bruce Charlton
March 24, 2014

@el oso – No it isn’t a thesis – just from a blog.

In general, I don’t give examples – because the idea is that they should come from personal knowledge and experience – or not. I am trying to provide a framework to be filled by others.

I find that with examples, it usually starts a hair-splitting debate and the point is lost.

But most of my knowledge and experience is in the Anglican communion (third largest denomination worldwide) – where a lot has happened (nearly all of it bad) in the past decades.

el oso
March 29, 2014

I see. Yes, the Anglican/Episcopalian example is vivid and telling. The results of their transformation were swift.
I think that there are some examples from predominantly US faiths that are perhaps undergoing a slower transformation to female dominated and have not (yet) seen the outward results that the Anglican communion has.

Understanding Providence
May 16, 2014
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