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Noah’s dad knew Adam.

January 02nd, 2014 by Bookslinger

At least they were alive at the same time. From Genesis Chapter 5 and the Book of Moses:

Name Age
had son  
Age at
0 Adam 130 930 930
130 Seth 105 912 1042
235 Enos 90 905 1140
325 Cainan 70 910 1235
395 Mahalaleel   65 895 1290
460 Jared 162 962 1422
622 Enoch 65 430* 1052**
687 Methusela 187 969 1656
874 Lamech 182 777 1651
1056 Noah 500 950 2006
1556 Shem 100 600 2156 Genesis 11:11
1654 flood Genesis 11:10


*KJV Genesis gives Enoch’s age as 365. JST Genesis and Book of Moses gives Enoch’s age as 430.
** Year translated.

Lamech, Noah’s dad, was 56 when Adam died, so he likely knew him. And Noah knew (or at least could have known) everybody back through Enos, except maybe for Enoch, who was translsted ┬ábefore Noah was born.

Since Noah was ordained to play such an important role, I believe all the living Fathers of his time knew him personally. Enoch at least saw him in vision according to the Book of Moses.

Shem and his brothers could only have known people back through their grandfather, Methusela.

Can you imagine conversations around the dinner table? Lamech telling Noah “Yes, I new Father Adam.” Enos could have told Noah “Yes, Adam was my grandpa.” Methuselah could have told Shem, Ham and Japheth “Yes, dad and his whole city were translated and taken to Heaven.”

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January 02nd, 2014 13:52:09
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January 2, 2014

I have been wondering about Enoch and his city lately.

I am going to speculate a little more wildly than I normally do.

Eliza R Snow referred to a part of Earth being removed with them. So, I wonder that their city is actually a mini-Earth.

“”When Enoch could no longer stay
amid corruption here,
Part of thyself was borne away
to form another sphere.
“That portion where his city stood
he gained by right approved;
And nearer to the throne of God
his planet upward moved.”

I expect they are moving their city/world between other worlds, ministering to them in some degree. When they return, they will have a very extensive alien contact list.

Perhaps they are also in a good position to seed worlds with bits of life. If they have been doing a little of that while traveling, they may have experience in terraforming and/or have a list of worlds that are habitable and ripe for development.

In any case, I don’t expect they have been idle, or entirely out of mortality. And considering their lifespans and time to make families, along with a supposed lack of war (?), they could be vastly more numerous than us. In which case, are they all coming back?

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