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God Delights in Destroying the idols we make of Him in our Own Image

December 23rd, 2013 by Zen

Also titled, Yes, God is a Child-Sacrificing Misogynist and Racial Bigot

It is very easy to imagine God as all the things we like and consider proper. But as Lewis pointed out so starkly, He is not a tame lion. And so it is, that God asks us do things that destroy our preconceptions and leaves us no alternative except to start from scratch in getting to know him, and to discard all the assumptions we didn’t even realize we had. I expect that the Golden Calf was made with the best of intents but the ways that God reveals himself are not ways clean, simple, easy, or kind. We really must learn from Him, who He is, or we can not learn. No, none of us.

Read the article linked. I can not properly do it justice.

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December 23rd, 2013 23:46:44
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Michael Towns
December 24, 2013

Blake Ostler deserves full credit, since reading his amazing little book Fire on the Horizon truly was an experience. I understand that he has commented here in the past.

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