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December 05th, 2013 by Vader

It seems like Mr. Obama and the truth have only a passing acquaintance.

Are we to believe that a man who constantly lies about little things is going to be truthful about big things?

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December 05th, 2013 17:10:23

Bruce Charlton
December 6, 2013

@V – I have been appalled at the rapidity with which dishonesty has become the norm in Britain – it has been pushing and creeping up since the mid-1960s: indeed I think the suppression of IQ research can be seen as one of the first victories for dishonesty; trivial although it no doubt seemed at the time.

Perhaps (in the UK) it could even be made more specific; when Hans J Eysenck – the premier psychologist in the world at the time – was subjected to widespread exclusion, slander, physical intimidation and even violence on university campuses – for speaking the truth (as he honestly understood it) about intelligence differences.

Then an exponential growth in dishonesty and corruption came under the Tony Blair regime, from 1997 – when the process was led from the top.

Of course, widespread corruption leads to tribalism and nepotism as people seek those they can trust – and this leads to a choice between chaos, or the stability of crushing repression by whoever gets power in the chaotic scramble.

This has been the world historical norm – and we are advanced on the path returning to it – and, so long as secular values continue to dominate the public arena – nothing whatsoever will be done to stop it, because there is no higher moral principle than expediency.

So nowadays, if a liar can claim that the lie was necessary (for some ‘more important’ purpose), then that’s okay.

Turns-out that this principle means you never *need* to tell the truth; but only when it benefits yourself, or your cause.

John Mansfield
December 6, 2013

The link includes an update that President Obama says he did stay with his uncle. The previous White House response appears to be another case not of lying, but of choosing not to actually ask Obama things that those in a position to ask would rather not know. “We have no record that the two ever met.”

Scott W. Clark
December 6, 2013

Turns-out that this principle means you never *need* to tell the truth; but only when it benefits yourself, or your cause.

Or just your side.

Say hello to tribalism. It’s just been gussied up with an iPad, iPod or iThing.

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